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Today I’m posting a poll on the right sidebar of the Nuggets. I need your help, read this post and then please poll for me.

Something you may not know about me.. I served on active duty in the U.S. Navy from 1990-1993 during the first Gulf War. I was really lucky, most of my tour of duty was spent in Spain where I fell in love with Europe and started my journey as a world traveller. I left the Navy when #1 was born. I just couldn’t imagine being a mom and a sailor. It was the right choice for me. But so many families choose to stay. So much is said about the heroism and sacrifice of our military members, and with just cause. But the collective “we” tends to overlook, far too much in my opinion are those that keep the home fires burning.

After being relocated from my home town in California to Maryland by the DH’s job I had a hard time adjusting and making friends. ME? Yeah me, with my mouth had a hard time. But my months of solitude paid off ten fold when a neighbor brought a friend to a in-home product party I hosted to meet people. I found one of my long lost sister soul mates, Carolyn. We are so connected that we have the same ideas and will call each other, and be in shock that we were thinking the same thing. She is an amazing chick! Born in Brittan at a young age she needed to leave school and work to help her family. But Miss Carolyn (as my kids call her) NEVER does anything just to get by. Nope, she accepts any challenge and truly kicks it up a notch. She put herself through school, working all the while and before you knew it she was one of the top ad sales people at her company. She has the voice of an Angel and used to.. now those of you who are impressed by this are OLD like me!..sing and dance back up for Adam Ant in the 80’s. Then see met this charming Naval officer, and he swept her across the pond America. She gave birth to two of the most strikingly beautiful and talented children I know. She supports women’s causes, works tirelessly to improve the lives of others, still is a top Ad Exec and the anchor of a Navy family.

Last year the Navy took her away from me. They relocated her to my home state (no I did not miss the irony in that one!) and sent her husband out to sea. He’d already done several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan so why not put him on a boat for 9 months eh? Even with all her gifts Carolyn is struggling to find roots in her new community at the same time that she is dealing with the emotional toll that her husband being gone has on her family. She has to put on a happy face for her husband so he doesn’t worry as much about his family while he is gone. Her kids need her to be strong and stable. All this she must do and has little support in doing it.

So that brings me to my poll. I want to know how many of you are part of or know a military family. I’m thinking of ways to help military families. Maybe an event to support military families? Linking posts from military mom (or dad) bloggers, hosting giveaways, bringing in national and local organizations that support military families, telling stories, giving support. I’m not sure where I’ll go with this and I’ll likely poll you for that too.

I feel I have say now though that this is not about how we feel politically or morally with regard to the war. It’s simply about helping families in need. I do my best to keep the Nuggets free of the things that divide. So if you choose not to poll or participate because of how you may feel about the military, that is fine. I don’t judge honestly. Just please don’t tell us why you won’t be participating, that way it doesn’t become an issue and we can all still enjoy a Nugget together.

My love to the Gooden Family…I miss you!!

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