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It’s pretty easy to decide what to pitch a fit about today THE ECONOMY! It’s gotten so bad that I hesitate to watch the news, which is hard. Can you see me having an adult conversation without my daily news?

Grown-up A: “Did you see what the stock market did today?”
DiPaola Momma: “Why, do we need to send Diego to the rescue?”

Grown-up B: “Dianne Sawyer’s piece on the dental issues of Americans living in Appalachia was moving don’t you think?”
DiPaola Momma: “Dental issues? Don’t they know, the Jojo’s Circus brush your teeth song?”

I get so hot (and not in a good way) when I think about the gall of people like Bernie Madoff and corporate CEOs it’s hard not to want to find the nearest basket of rotten tomatoes and hunt the farging bastages down!

Our power bills in Maryland have sky rocketed, yet the power company says it’s not their fault it’s the wholesale cost of energy… BUT THEY ARE PULLING DOWN RECORD PROFITS!! Our water,trash, and property tax bills have gone up but our state is hurting for cash?! A barrel of oil (as of yesterday) is now $44.10. Did I miss a hurricane or pipeline break? No? So can you tell me why gas continues to go up?! Have you noticed the price of a gallon of milk?!!!

It’s like a vicious circle. Economists tell us that consumers need to spend more to stimulate the economy but we are making less and being charged more for just about everything. I get so ticked that yet again the burden is placed squarely on the shoulders of the middle class. The rich are hoarding their cash like a Rockefeller in one of those cash grab boxes in Vegas. And the old saying “the poor keep getting poorer” stands out more as truth than cliche. I know that several of the Nuggetiers are dealing with job loss and I worry about them. I just get so angry I want to ball up my fists and jump up and down like Daffy Duck

Do you feel like there is a big portion of our population sitting back and saying…

Like always I don’t want to wallow in the negative (though it’s hard these days) so here is SOME nice things coming from corporate America…

Fedex Kinkos will be printing free resumes on March 10th. If you are looking for work this might be a nice break in that cost for ya go visit them HERE.

And I got THIS email from Ben&Jerry’s, though I must confess I have to avoid my Cherry Garcia in deference to my efforts to decrease the size of my BUTT!

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