And the WINNERS (yes I said WINNERS) are…

Alright Nuggetiers.. it’s been a long 48 hours… something about loosing a whole day to blog surfing, contest entering and comment craziness just puts everything else out of whack. I’m SLOWLY recovering. Wasn’t it a blast though? SO here is the deal.. FIRST it sort of looked like my Woo Hoo contest ended on the 9th.. SORRY! See I did an amendment post changing the date but didn’t think to link THAT ONE! argh sometimes my brain and I have issues!!

I got WELL over 300 entries and to be honest I thought it really sucked that of all those entries only ONE person would win. Sure there was the Pay It Forward winner too but still, 2 out of over 300! So here is what I decided to do, AND BONUS the kids got to play too… I let each of them pick a number. The first one would be the BIG winner. The second the PIF winner. And the last two would get a little bit of the Woo Hoo TOO..HOO (can’t help myself..I know it’s sad huh?). Yeah yeah I hear ya, “get to it already woman!”.. so without further rambling the winners are:

Cee Cee Blogger The BIG Box O’ Woo Hoo

Our Pay it Forward Winner is Vixen’s Den nominated by Julia at The Apron Goddesses (yeah I KNOW I still owe you a picture of me in the FAB apron I won… I’ll get to it PROMISE)

Francine my guilt trip winner #1

Sassy Pants Wifey and #2

I haven’t gotten around to notifying the winners yet… BUT you can stop by and congratulate them, spoil my fun, go ahead… I’ve got Pre-School registration this morning.. bleh

Hope you all had fun.. HEY don’t forget this weekend I’ll be having my South Beach Diet party here at Casa DiPaola.. WHY should YOU care? Well maybe, just maybe I’ll have a goodie bag for one of my readers.. say on Sunday? Ya never know.. OH and to those of you who would just DUMP me because the contest is over, think twice! I have at least two more give aways this month and who knows maybe some more Woo Hoo up my sleeve (um, that didn’t sound right, oh well). If you dump me then you’ll have to come back and do the WHOLE thing ALLOVER AGAIN!

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