It’s HERE!! Fit Pitchin’ Friday!!!

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Since I launched Fit Pitchin’ Friday (a fortnight and 7 days ago) the list of things to pitch it over grows. Like being asked to choose between an unsupervised visit to the Hershey factory or a 30 minute grab all you can shopping spree at DSW shoes.. it was nearly impossible to decide! So as I sit at my keyboard this morning (bowl of kisses and new strappy sandals at my side) I’ve let the calendar do the choosin’ today. In honor of St. Patrick’s day, my fit is fitting of the grand ol’ occasion.

See I’m Irish, not “Kiss Me I’m Irish” or GREEN BEER (bleh, why do people feel it’s necessary to adulterate a perfectly good libation with FOOD DYE?!) Irish but really and truly (2nd generation born in the states) Irish. St. Padraig’s day was always a pretty big deal around my Da’s house.

I’m doing my best to pass that down to my kids. Though my efforts stop at actually putting boiled cabbage and corned beef (which by the way is NOT Irish fare, but Jewish) in my mouth. Sure I’ll cook it, for some reason the hubby eats it, but then again he is the same man who mixes tuna fish and KETCHUP!!

(brief fit pause to consider getting his taste buds checked)

So here is the thing, as I age (with little grace) it gets harder for me to tolerate “traditional” St. Pat’s day pastimes. Why is it that we celebrate the heritage of the Irish with ONE day, the best of which we can say we ate Jewish food, drank too much green beer, sported puce in public and pinched people who didn’t?!

Other great cultures that make up the fondue that is me and you (cool melting pot metaphor huh?) get an entire MONTH?! Still others, like the Italians have enough moxy to have organizations like the Italian American Anti Defamation League. Don’t wear a polyester track suit and call my husband’s childhood pal Vito, a goomba in front of them ya mook! Then there are those that have entire chain restaurants serving up their culture (yo quiero una chalupa). Okay so I’ll concede that for the most part one does not consider a people who fled famine in their homeland because the potato crop died and they couldn’t figure out what else to eat, the culinary gifted. But hey I’ll take me some champ to the damnation of my arteries any day!

We Irish Americans are so much more. I just find it annoying that the Irish helped build the foundation for this country, defended her to the death, fought oppression and prejudice so stifling that it was common to hear the term “Irish need not apply”, all while doing their best to keep their culture alive.. and how do we remember the Irish on our day (not month, but DAY)?

Faith n Begorrah, Turn up the volume on my play list this Tuesday and join me for a Guiness and Harp (aka proper black n’ tan, no BUDWISER in my brew thank you!)… I give up!!!!

Slainte Nuggetiers

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