Win a day at the BEACH (well sort of)

Last night I hosted a house party featuring South Beach Living’s new protein and fiber packed snack bars..

arrhhhh Mochaaaaa

We had a GREAT time! The girlies and I played “Healthy Living” Bingo. The mojitos were flowing and I made a full-on healthy Cuban themed dinner. OH OH OH… and The BOYS watched the kids!!! BONUS

And because I SOOOO wish that my Nuggetier peeps could have been there, I’ve put together a little bit of the fun for you to scrap over.. no just kidding, I won’t make you go UFC for a prize!

Here is what you’ll get if you win:
1 South Beach Living water bottle
1 South Beach Living Fiber Fit MOCHA flavored bar
1 South Beach Living High Protein Cereal bar (Peanut flavor)
1 South Beach Living Cinnamon Raisin Cereal bar
1 set of funky cool note cards
1 beach ball
1 coupon for FREE South Beach Living wrap kit
1 book of coupons for South Beach Living products (total value $4.50)
1 coupon for MY FAVORITE Sara Lee 45 Calorie Delightful Bread (buy 2 get FREE diet soda)

Sound good?
How do you get a chance to make it yours?
Simple, give me some props… yeah it’s all about me! he he.. Blog about this contest or just about the Nuggets of Wisdom. Or just post a link to your favorite of my rambling rants or raves. Be sure to come back here and leave a comment telling me to get off my tail and go see YOUR blog!

This contest is sadly limited to U.S. peeps in residence BUT fear not my international Nuggetiers I’m looking into something JUST for you soon. I’ll close the contest on Sunday next week.. so get to it kiddos you’ve only got a week (entries accepted until 8:00 a.m. EST 3/22).

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