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Have you noticed how hard it seems to be these days to let our kids walk out the door and know that they’ll have a good day? I don’t know if my mom felt the same when she shuffled us off to the bus stop. I can say though that, especially with my 10 year old daughter, I worry about her happiness. She is already dealing with body and self image issues. I work very hard to tell her and her siblings, even my childcare kids how great they are. Now I have a tool to help me do it.

I was HONORED when Tiffany (yes Tiffany of SITS fame) told me she thought I’d make a great Ambassador for the Fishfull Thinking project. Don’t know what that is? Check my left side bar, see the slightly askew image (Tamara, PLEASE HELP..yep I messed up with the tech again!)… click on it, go check out Fishfull Thinking, take the quiz, find out more about your children and maybe even YOURSELF!

Yes, it’s run by Pepridge Farm, and if you have kids you KNOW YOUR GOLDFISH! I’m still amazed at the talent they’ve enlisted in this wonderful project. Dr. Karen Reivich a leader in positive psychology.. and well ME.. and even a few of our fellow SITStas (Tiffany and Mammaratzi, maybe more). The program, like any great recipe, focuses on quality ingredients! Here we talk about those ingredients being tools to help our children:

Emotional Awareness
Goal Setting

So, Nuggetiers… go see what’s up at Fishfull Thinking. Take the quiz HERE. I know you’ll be just as impressed as I am. In the coming weeks I’ll be giving out more tips, information and maybe even hosting an event/giveaway or three! Happy MONDAY (I realize that’s a hard thing to imagine but I’m WORKING on it!)

Fishfully Yours,

DiPaola Momma

(oh oh FYI, we’ll have a new review AND giveaway of a GREAT new product on Wednesday.. So don’t forget to stop back by.. hint.. movie theater butter… ???)

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