Happy St. Padraig’s Day

I’m phoning it in Irish style today… since I already did an Irish rant (in lieu of a jig, trust me you’re happy about that!)… didn’t read it yet? Here it tis

So as an addendum to that rant here are a few of my favorite Irish things:

My Irish Grandparent’s of the clans O’Carrol and Reel
Irish names I’ve given:
Timothy Douglas Ryan
Caitlin Brenna Mackenzie
Peter Michael Patrick
Emily Elizabeth
The IRISH name of my dog:
Barm Brack
Temple Bar, Dublin Ireland (pubs, pubs and MORE PUBS)
My pal, Irish Historian, spinner of yarns, and taxi driver, Mr. Moran
Butler’s Chocolates
The smell of a peat fire
Thatched roofs
Shaine McGowan
The grounds of Trinity College
Frank McCourt
The Chieftains (especially in concert, with my Da at my side)
Our family crest (but NOT the tartan..eeek baby blue, heather and navy…sorry Da it is U-G-L-Y)
… I could go on and on but as they say a picture is worth 1,000 words, So here are some of my pictures of my first trip back to the “home” country

The Quay Pub Temple Bar Dublin Ireland

Trinity College

The DH and I in the Quay Pub

My first view of the home country (from the air)

Pub, Temple Bar Dublin Ireland

The Easter Rebellion Memorial

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