What’s Poppin’?

A few weeks ago I was offered the chance to review products from a company called Kernel Seasonings. I figured why not. THEN I found out they’ve started a movement for “No More Naked Popcorn”… TOO FUNNY! Hey any company that can make me laugh AND salivate has my vote.

I was SHOCKED when this arrived.

WOWZA HUH? It’s their entire line of popcorn shakers, GREAT popcorn, oil and my FAV the spritzer!

All most all of their popcorn shakers have LESS THAN FIVE CALORIES, ZERO FAT and VERY VERY low sodium!!! KILLER!! The kids enjoyed the Barbecue and Ranch (shocker huh?)

I WAS shocked though that I liked BOTH.. and even the Chocolate Marshmallow was GREAT… ON POPCORN!! Who’d a thunk it eh?

Intrigued by the big flavor, low cal, fat free nature of these products (and by the enclosed recipe book) I decided to see what other uses I could get out of this powdered gold…

First I tried the obvious.. Potatoes! Here I used the Parmesan Garlic and White Cheddar to make LOW FAT cheesy smashed taters.. we ALL loved them!

Then I got a bit more adventurous and mixed some into my breadcrumbs for a VERY flavorful sauteed fish (the kids thought it was Chicken, BONUS!). I used the spritzer (no cal no fat) instead of eggs to help the breadcrumbs stick. It added a nice hint of butter to the mix.

Feeling slightly guilty for tricking the kids into eating fish, I decided to do something sweet for them. Now I couldn’t get a pic before these disappeared from the kitchen so you’ll have to use your imagination. I used the Chocolate Marshmallow shaker in my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to make “Oatmeal Smores Cookies”! HEAVEN!

I’m so excited about all the wonderful uses for these products!

So I’d like to share some with you, and since you can’t come visit I guess I’ll just have to send you some. Go visit their website Kernel Seasons, come back and tell me what you like best. For an extra entry give me a recipe idea using any one of the flavors on their site. The winner will get a sampler of a few of their flavors, some sweet, savory and spicy shakers. I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday next week and ship it out in time for a weekend movie night! (sorry this is only for our US Nuggetiers. Contest ends at 3:00 pm EST 3/25/09)

NO MORE NAKED POPCORN.. it’s revolution baby!

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