Ultimate Blog Party-goers, Welcome to Fit Pitchin’ Friday

They are twins.. They are moms.. They work at home (my kind of chicks) and they have a great thing going!!
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Not just A party but the ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY!! Go check them out.. and if you are here for my portion of the festivities.. WELCOME, browse around. You’ll find I have a slight addiction to giving things way (feeding my quest for approval from total strangers on the Internet!)… I’ve also got a busy, crazy life and an opinion or twelve that I dole out without requests.

Today at the Nuggets of Wisdom is dedicated to pitching a fit.. hence Fit Pitchin’ Friday! I’ll rant and I encourage you to do the same.. Vent, whine, holler, pitch it.. start the weekend off with a clean slate!

My fit for this week is about the evils of Standardized Testing. I simply don’t understand the whole concept.

My oldest son and daughter have had testing all this week and will continue into next week. Does it count towards their grades.. NOPE… does the test encompass the things they are focusing on in class this month.. well yes if you consider the fact that the MONTH (and then some) has been dedicated to.. TEACHING THE TEST!! and why? Like so many other things in life it comes down to the all mighty dollar! Schools get funds based on testing. Yet another among the BRILLIANT ideas to help our kids forge ahead into the world with the tools they need to succeed.. in … um… well.. what is it again that this helps them with? Making a career of playing Jeopardy?

Now I know quite a few GREAT teachers (my mother among them) and they have great ideas. Things that inspire children to learn. They have spent years in school and hundreds (if not thousands) of THEIR OWN DOLLARS to foster that spark in their students. Are they encouraged to do that? NOPE! They are brow beat into getting their students to test well. ARGH it just ticks me off to no end!

And to add insult to injury there are the notes that come home from the school propaganda department (USSR anthem playing in the background) .. “We remind you to ensure that your child has a healthy well balanced breakfast so that they can perform their best on the test”… CRAP the freaking KGB must have found out I feed my kids cold pizza and soda for breakfast! Hey, what are you trying to say comrade? Either that I don’t feed my kids properly or that you could care less if I did on any day OTHER than a test day? Thanks for the vote of confidence and your personal dedication to the education of my children.. I bet Einstein ate FRUIT LOOPS and failed every freaking standardized test!!!

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