Dude, you can blog! (a guy’s take on blogging, with some tips too!)

I used to think that “mom” blogs were just MOM blogs.. NOPE there are Dad/Dude bloggers out there. One of my personal favs is Gif of the Day… it never fails to crack me up. So when I DIDN’T win the Target card that was being given away I thought I’d ask the author for a guest post instead. And he said YES! So here ya go… words of wit and wisdom from our DUDE Nuggetier!

After blogging for so long, I didn’t think that doing a guest blog post would be too difficult…but I’ve decided it is more than you think. My
personal blog is mostly about pool and my family & my entertainment blog is just a
/a>“dumb daily gif blog” that I do to pass the time. I don’t think you want to see a dumb gif

Or hear about my sons uneventful 6 month doctor appointment where he weighed in at just under 18 lbs…

So instead I decided to write a little about my experiences in blogging, which are few and far between. One of my favorite past-times is looking at data… whether I’m at work or play, the statistics are intriguing to me. I started using Analytics in December 2008 as I started to actually promote my blog and move from livejournal to blogger.

Here is the analytics information that I look at, typically daily…

Click on the above image to enlarge.

Over 70% of my blog visits since inception have come from referrals, whether it’s another blog or twitter. You need to make blogging friends & respect your peers with linkbacks once in a while. I’ve also started adding a signature to my blog comments (shown here) to help promote my blog.

Getting new visits is just as important as getting return visitors, I would like to keep the new visits rate at between 60-75%. If it gets too high, your aren’t building an audience…too low and your are not getting fresh eyes to your blog. I’m only 3 1/2 months in, but have built a good following on my daily gif blog.

As for the pages/visit and time on site…the higher the better in my mind. Once you build up enough content…there will be more for the reader to see. Getting near 300 posts on my blog with 3-4 posts daily is definitely helping the time spent at the site, especially for new visitors.

Definitely still learning within the blog community and would like to thank Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom for the chance to provide a guest post.

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