Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Hey Nuggetiers! Just poppin’ in real quick to let you know who the lucky nuggets were who won the Circus tickets and the South Beach Diet goodie bag.

Before I do that, be sure to stop by tomorrow… I’ll be the featured blogger on SITS!!! and I’ve got a great post going up, plus the SITS girls have picked some of my golden oldies (being that I’ve been blogging for 5 months now!).

Jessica Cochran a fellow “Balti-moron” (her words not mine, but I’m never beneath stealing a funny) is the winner of the family four pack of ticket to the Ringling Bros Circus!

And the lovely, talented and fellow Dark Crystal (if you know what that is you are freakin’ OLD like me!) fan.. Fizzgig at It’s all about me!Deal with it! will basking in the glow of South Beach booty (stop that! NOT THAT, kind of booty, you bad people!)

I still have to give away the Popcorn toppers from Kernel’s Seasoning.. WOW the stuff you guys come up with for using their powdery goodness.. I think I might just have to pick MORE than one winner.

Okay I’m off to do the dinner thing…

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