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When the SITS girls told me I’d have my day as a featured blogger.. I quickly contacted Harry Winston Jewelers. See I was SURE they’d want me wearing their bling on this most red carpet worthy occasion. Imagine my shock when they didn’t return my calls, emails, faxes, letters or messenger pigeons!! WHA?! Something tells me I might not be getting a call back from Dolce and Gabana either… But bling and couture dreams crushed or not I’m beyond honored that this old bird is getting her day.

A few things about me… that AREN’T in my profile..
I’m obsessed with baby toes but can’t stand feet
Growing up I wanted to be a Forensic Pathologist, not a ballerina (yes the lunacy started early)
I lived in Spain for 3 years and want to go back.. FOREVER (don’t see that happening)
I’m married to my soul mate (and that is as sappy as I’ll get)
I hate to fold and put laundry away, but don’t mind washing it
Chalk gives me the willies
I believe in the magical powers of mommy spit (come on you KNOW you’ve used saliva as a cleansing agent)
And even in these sad, depressing, scary economic times I believe that there is good in all of us (save maybe the occasional CEO) and we all really want to help each other.

To that end I’d ask you to watch
THIS video. And if you are moved stop back by in the week ahead. I am working with SITS and the Welcomistas to find out how we can help at least one family. I’ve chosen Chris, because I was just so moved by his emotions. It could be that he is the same age as my oldest son. It could be that he let slip that all important teen aged boy bravado. It could just be that I was meant to feel this way. I hope that we are all listening.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ve challenged myself to respond to every comment.. did I mention I have FOUR kids and run an after school childcare?? Well just keep that in mind if you don’t hear from me until JUNE! (just kidding).. Have a great day

a late addition to this post:

The Teacher in the Video Mr. Michael Stienman has contacted me and told me how to help Chris and his family. I’m just pasting his message here for anyone who might like to help. At the moment they are looking for cash and gift card type donations as the school isn’t equipped to deal with large shipments of goods. However, the family is being contacted and asked to provide a list of needs. I’ll get that info out when I get it. The school is also taking donatons for the other students if you’d like to help there. We will be able to request to have our donations go to a specific family or the general fund. I’ve also checked into making sure that we have a way to know where our donations went. Here is what Mr. Stienman said about Chris:

“…He represents the best of a young man, and I am proud to have him as my student.

You can help Chris and his family out by sending any donation to him through our school, and to my attention. I assure you I will personally deliver it into his hands.

Our address is Village Academy High School, 1444 E. Holt Ave., Pomona, CA 91767. Send it attention: Michael Steinman.

On behalf of Chris and all the students in my class and at Village Academy, thank you for your kind words and thoughts, and your thoughtful offering.

Michael Steinman
Village Academy High School
Pomona, CA “

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