Help me I was featured and I can’t get up!

(garbled mumbling from beneath a pile of comments)… Hey kids, WOWZA I had NO idea how BIG my BIG SITS day would be.. OVER 800 peeps stopped by. So I’m dedicating today and most of tomorrow and lets face it much of 2009 (okay maybe that’s an exaggeration) to getting to EVERY blogger who commented. I’m nothing if not tenacious. Thanks for all the comment lub guys! OH, Harry Winston DID call back but I don’t think it was the jeweler, this guy wanted to know what my dog was wearing and if I knew that the Alien invasion started at 3:33 am on March 3rd.

Don’t forget you can still enter the contest up there under “my bribes”, I’m planning TWO more before the end of the month as well as a few features and killer guests.. off to kill my carpals…ttnf

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