Almost there!! (pant, pant, crawling across the floor)

I’ve been on a marathon (thus the crawling visual) run to get to everyone who commented on my big SITS feature. I’m down to the last few 100.. still get giddy thinking about how many random strangers read about my boobs.. HA!

I haven’t forgotten my other duties though! Tossed a can of tuna at the cats (it worked Rambler!), shoved a pizza at the kids, and managed to apple brush my teeth (don’t ask).. and of course MOST importantly I haven’t forgotten that TODAY at 3pm ends the What’s Poppin? Kernel’s Seasonings contest! So get those entries in! And if you are, LIKE ME, a contest AND great cause junkie stop by over at CareBear’s Support Our Troops giveaway a subject near and dear to my former U.S. Naval Aviation Boatswain’s Mate heart!

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