Shake it baby.. the winners of the Kernel’s Seasons contest

(((shake your bon bon babes))) oh ah shake it.. yeah yeah.. you go.. get it girl.. Okay I’ve gone full WEIRDO today (yes more than “normal” BE NICE!).. see with all the blog hopin’ and props givin’ the old noodle jumped ship. My brain is officially on VACAY, and I had to do this post anyway cuz I promised and a promise is a promise no matter where your brain resides!

So the winners of the Kernel’s Seasons giveaway are two great mom bloggers, yeah like that’s a shocker! First is Lori at Time of your life.. she has got her hands full of kiddos like me and we have more in common than most sisters.. um do I need to give my Da a call? Anyway CONGRATS LORI!

And because like Lays Tater Chips, when it comes to giving stuff away I can’t stop at just one.. So the other lucky Nugget (not Butt Nugget cuz that’s just mean!) is
My girl the Hillbilly at Hillbilly Duhn’s times and Tribulations. This chick is seriously FUNNY.. which ticks me off cuz (whining like my 4 year old) I WANT TO BE THE MOSTEST FUNNY ONE!

So that ends my current giveaways… and well the remainder of my allotted blog time for 2009, AS IF!

Stay tuned fellow Nuggetiers! I’ll be announcing a CUP CAKE giveaway (yep Joann I’m talking to YOU!) paired with a fine guest post. I haven’t forgotten the Prada thing just trying to figure out when, where and how the heck I can part with it! And for you sparkly vampire lovin’ peeps out there (saddly me included, sorry Harry Potter I couldn’t help myself, Robert Pattison is dreamy) A FIRST EDITION of one of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight books!

Thanks again for all the great comment wub.. on my BIG SITS day and everyday! Welcome to the New Nuggetiers… Good Night and Good Luck (aaah George Clooney)

One last thing.. what is wrong with the world when BLOGGER’s editing program thinks PRADA and CLOONEY are NOT in the dictionary? I’m just sayin’… after all we must have our priorities, no?

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