The DH

Does your husband or significant other read your blog? I know some of you like Rosie over at Vino Bodega and my very bestest bloggy BF Tamara over at Cheapskate Mom have husbands who not only read it but want to guest post for ya.. WOW! Some how I don’t see a dissertation on how the moon landing was faked and detailing the ensuing cover up going over well with the Nuggetiers. So I’ll be okay with him not wanting to guest post for me.

My hubby gets my posts in feed burner. Why? BECAUSE I SET IT UP FOR HIM! Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve got one heck of a guy. He is really supportive of my blogging, in between huffs and sighs when I’m at the computer. Which I’ll confess HERE IN WRITING FOR HIM, is more than MAYBE it should be… maybe being the key word there. He is always game to try any of the new products that turn up at the door slated for review and/or giveaway at the Nuggets. Mind you this is a TOUGH job.. cupcakes, popcorn, chips.. what a trooper! I do have to give him props for putting up that recently mentioned first edition copy of one of the Twilight books. In his spare time (cuz we all know the boys have MORE than we do) he has an online book store and this book is valued in the $100’s so THANKS BABE!

The other day he actually read a post! Did he comment on the content of the article? Give me kudos for being one of the cool kids? Nope… He wanted to know why I call him The DH. Well I’d explained that to him months ago when I first started blogging. I guess he forgot. So today I pay tribute to a one of a kind man, the Dude before there was The Dude,

a true renaissance man,

a guy secure enough in himself to admit to singing Free Bird in the car with the boys on a recent all guy road trip,

an amazing dad

And yes.. I’ve got to concede.. very supportive hubby.. The DH.

In the blogosphere, DH is commonly used as an acronym for “Darling Husband”, for me he is so much more. What does The DH mean to me?

The DH, is my Dam Hot hubby
The DH, is the Designated Hitter around here, my own personal Jason Giambi sans the 70’s porn star mustache

The DH, is Darn Helpful
The DH, is Da Hoss around these parts pardner

The DH, can be seen Doing House work more than most (myself included)

The DH, has an amazing way of making me feel young and beautiful.. so he could be called a magician like Doug Henning (only FAR more Hetero)

When all is said and done, The DH is many things.. but most of all when I think of him I’m Darn Happy (now that’s sadly sickeningly sappy)… so babe, when you read this Do the Happy dance.. it’s your big well Deserved Homage! Kisses

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