Yeah I KNOW today is Fit Pitchin’ Friday.. but…

BUT, I’m still stewing over the LONG LIST of fits to pitch (wrinkles, and taxes and bail outs.. oh my!). So I’ve decided to take a lesson from Fishful Thinking and am being more POSITIVE (THIS Friday)! If you haven’t checked out Fishful Thinking yet DO! If you have, go back!! Find a great fun activity to do with your kids this weekend, just click the Goldfish on my sidebar or on the link in this post.

In that spirit I’ve put this week’s fit on hold and I’m linking up with Jana Bee’s Friday Favorites. Go check out her little dancer for a good giggle, and give a shout out to YOUR favorite things, mine this week is The DH (see the post below, yeah my gushing knows no bounds!).

Fear not Nuggetiers I’ll be back with a BIG FIT to pitch next week.. PROMISE!

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