No good deed….

Goes unpunished.. that’s how the old saying goes right? So yesterday I was over the moon about my 200th(+) follower. I shared the bloggy wub by sending some her way. I find that there is simply no end to the awe I feel when I think that even one random stranger, sitting faceless behind a monitor, would actually CHOOSE to read something I’ve written. I mean it’s one thing when I tape the eyelids of my friends and family open, tie them to a chair and shove them in front of the computer, spraying them with water until they read every word out loud.. AND LOVE IT! (I got mean German school marm voice on here)… But that anyone would CHOOSE to read.. well just WOW!

That sort of feeds my obsessive watching of that follower/feed trackers. I hover over it like a super model over a half teaspoon of nuts (one must always take advantage of any, no matter how flimsy, excuse to refer to one’s self as a super model). Imagine my shock and dismay this morning when I LOST ONE! I know that’s very Paris Hilton checking her Madoff investment portfolio, but one is BIG to me. And now I’ll fret all day long.. What did I say? What did I do? Is someone out there lurking on the web, writing nasty things about me and why the dropped me? Yeah, I’ve got issues.. but you wub me anyway (or you’d better, I simply can’t deal with it if you don’t).

P.S. For big brother, if you are watching, this was all tongue and cheek.. I’m really okay so no funny hand less jackets needed.

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