Taking my OWN advice now!

Reading all the GREAT comments about my last post “No Good Deed”… I’ve decided to take my own FISHFUL advice and be positive… in honor of my getting off my own pity potty I’m gonna do one of the things that makes me feel best… GIVE SOMETHING AWAY.

Something you may not know about me, I’m a hoarder of sorts. Not like one of those shut-ins with 30 cats and all the editions of The Times dating back to the New Deal (boy do we need one of those again, but that’s another post, maybe Fit Pitchin’ Friday?). I have this compulsion to purchase things when I see a good deal, even if I don’t necessarily need say 30 boxes of toothpaste.. hence the birth of the blogosphere famous Woo Hoo box. In additon to my ever expanding (not waist line, BE NICE) pantry, I have a closet full of old shoe boxes and bins containing knickknacks and trinkets. Everything from crafting supplies to toys, to stationary…you get the picture.

What the heck does that have to do with advice and better yet GIVING something away to YOU? Well I figured what I need here, after licking my follower loosing wounds, was some positive thinking. And I KNOW I’ve told you all about my honored roll as a Fishful Thinking Ambassador, right? I hear you all sighing in acknowledgement of the 50 zillion times I’ve mentioned this (again BE NICE). See the thing is, it really is an honor. I’ve learned so much about me, my kids and the tools we all need to help us cope and grow. So instead of continuing to wallow in hurt feel bads over some stranger dumping me.. I’m going to think about ALL of you who wub me and how amazing THAT is! And to honor YOU I’m gonna give away a box of fun for all ages. I’ll be raiding my stash and putting together some stuff to help you laugh, enjoy a sunny day, make a rainy day fun, remember how to play again and put some positive thinking into your own day.

Entering is fun AND easy, just click on that Gold Fish in my left side bar.. go see the activities that they’ve put together. Come back and tell me what you’d do if you had a day off to just have some fun. I’ll announce the winner on Monday…cuz let’s face it no matter how positive you are Monday just sucks dirty toenails! No extra entries for Tweets or following or any of that.. keep it simple and fun.

Thanks again for all your comments and your great blogs too (I follow most of them myself and wouldn’t dump you either!).. OH and one last thing.. come back tomorrow I’m gonna have the LONG awaited cupcake feature AND GIVEAWAY!

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