Who’s Circus is it anyway?

Last Thursday, The DH, the brood and I were proud to be among the honored guests of Feld Promotions at the WORLD famous Ringling Bros, Barnum and Bailey Circus. And I must say fellow Nuggetiers, it’s STILL the greatest show on earth.
The whole show is formatted like a competition between the Ring Master and the head Clown to see which of them puts on a better Circus. That made for some great laughs… EVEN The DH and Number One (our 15 year old son) laughed and kiddos that’s saying something! We were joined by my friend Heidi, her DH and their boys (4 and 3 years old).. what a great idea.. no really, I’m not being sarcastic here (big surprise I know!). Their boys and our two youngest just fed off each other’s excitement and it made for great memories! The kind they’ll talk about 30 years from know while visiting their parents in the old folks home. One of the acts, I won’t give it away.. okay I will.. was a Harley motorbike riding on a tight rope with a girl dangling from a trapeze under it!! They do this amazing flip thing that even #2 (our soooo sophisticated 10 year old) gasp in amazement at. OH and the FAMOUS design DIVA, Amiee, of our very own Jewel Street Designs joined us too!

With a family 4 pack of tickets being only $44 (see the details
HERE) and the show running nearly 3 hours with a GREAT FREE pre-show it’s a bargain too! Like with anything else these days though I’d eat a nice filling meal at home before I headed out.

#4 had a blast trying on Circus costumes and posing for pictures at the pre-show.

We all ate too much, laughed hard and had a blast… so GO! Make it a family night, or take along friends, or have a great date night just the two of you. Remember even in crappy economic times it’s YOUR Circus people make it the most fun you can!

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