No Foolin’ I’m Droolin’ (a cupcake giveaway, Nugget style)

Cupcake, Cupcake
in a Jar.
How very moist and tasty
you ALWAYS are.

I would eat you
here or there.
I would eat you

I would eat you
on a box.
I would eat you
with a fox.
The Chocolate Envy

I would eat the sweet
Plain Jane.
I would eat ANYTHING
from Bangerang!

You want to try them?
Yes you do.
You’ll want all of them

So enter here
A FREE cupcake
for one of you
is near.

How do we do this?
I hear you say.
We want a cupcake
how do we play?

It’s simply
as one then two.
Listen close
here’s what you do.

Be sure you are indeed
a Nuggetier!
How do you do that?
follow this blog
my dear!!

Once you’ve done that
give a cheer.
Then go and visit
Bangerang RIGHT HERE

Come back and
tell us, tell us
no mistake..
Which lovey, yummy
will you take?

Stay tuned and visit
Why should we do
I here you

Because I’m evil
mean, and rotten.
For April Fool’s
I’ll pretend
the winning day
I’ve forgotten!

Hurry, hurry
do NOT wait.
If you enter after Sunday
you’ll be too late!

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