Phoning it in… but not really.. sort of

I’m off to play the Spring Fairy at #3’s preschool today.. So I’m not gonna be able to post much. I hereby defer today’s post to the two contests I’m running at the moment. Both near and dear to my heart and some FABU Nuggetiers..

Fishful Thinking has ALREADY taken me to places I’d never expected. I’ve played more with my kids, shared more with my daycare kids and spread the joy of being happier with friends, family and my bloggy peeps.. so be SURE to go check out my Box O’random fun-ness giveaway. I’m also encouraging all of you to give Fishful Thinking a try and see where it takes you.

Then there is the VERY FIRST sponsor of The Nuggets. Nicole at Bangerang has been not only a valued sponsor, but a supporter of the Nuggets, faithful follower and GREAT inspiration to me. She is a mom AND a mom-trapanure. She is living the dream that I KNOW so many of us have, find something you LOVE, you’re GOOD at and make money for your family doing it! So go check out Bangerang bake shop and enter my No Foolin’ I’m Droolin’ cupcake giveaway.

So that’s the FIRST part of the phoned in bonus for The Nuggetiers. The second half has to do with not only some great blogs but some truly understanding peeps. See it’s been a bit.. um.. more saucy, in a not as good as I’d like it way, here at Nugget central the last few weeks. And these kind and understanding Nuggetiers have waited with patience and understanding for their swag and winnings. So I’d just like to give them props and a shout out (lord how pop-cliche can I freakin’ get?!).. and encourage you to stop by and say “Hey”…
Family of Shorts a sweet blogger and great comment buddy.
Hillbilly Duhn funny as heck and BEYOND talented, save her stuff kids cuz she’s gonna be BIG someday! BIG I tell ya!!!
TAG whom I owe not only pictures but so much more!
Lori at Time of your life my long lost sister.
It’s All About Me! Deal with it one funny chick with a great bloggy nickname.. can you tell me where she RIPPED IT OFF from?
It’s all about love Dean and Francine, reminds me of my dark secret.. I HEART Tori and Dean the reality show.. don’t judge!
Vixen’s Den who won a bit o’ the last Woo Hoo… BUT can ALSO make a fierce apron for you too!
Sassypants Wifey a cool AND talented creative mommy chick!
And my very most favorite-ist 200th Nuggetier Kristin at Sogkonnite Living

Most of these Nuggiters and bloggity pals have gotten their Nugget Wub in the mail, the others are soon to get theirs. But bagging the swag isn’t what they are all about, or what the Nuggets stands for, for that matter. We are all about having fun, propping each other up when we need it, railing behind a cause… AND forgiving our fearless leader when she opts for the easy way out in order to go play Mommy.

TTFN Nuggetiers and have a great Thursday… DON’T forget… TOMORROW is Fit Pitchin’ Friday.. get your rants ready!

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