It’s Fit Pitchin’ Friday.. YEAH!!

I’m baaaaack! here is my fit for this Friday.. don’t forget to pitch your own.. start the weekend off with a clean slate!!

Evil thy name is, Lighted 10x magnifying mirror!

You lurk behind the facade of “Things that sound good in theory”, much like flip flops for men. Yet just like that nightmare shoved between toes in desperate need of a pedicure they’ll never get, you shed unflattering light on things better left to the recesses of a disturbed dream.

You sit upon my bathroom counter top, smugly staring back at me. Your silent judgment etched into the topographical map that now obscures my once sinewy visage. A face sprouting fear of the approaching years, much like the hairs encroaching upon my chin and upper lip.

Yet I find myself drawn, as moth to flame, to your judgmental stare every morning. A hopeless slave to this codependent relationship of ours. Plucking, popping, squeezing and spackleing my way to an uneasy truce with the old fart within. Whom, these days seems to be gaining the upper hand in this battle. Emerging ever more victorious with each passing day.

Try though I may. I can’t be rid of your evil scourge, lest I resign to forfeit this war. So darn you! Darn you all to heck!!

What the HELL is THAT growing from my NECK?!!!

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