Lucky Monday?

There are usually no two ways around it. Mondays almost always suck big nasty toenails. BUT for at least one of you this Monday might just start off better than usual. Who is it? Settle down I’ll get there. First I want to get your winnin’ mojo workin’ again.

Pepperidge Farm Fishful Thinking program, of which I am a proud Ambassador (have I mentioned that? he he), has generously given me a $25 Macy’s gift card, for me? NOPE (darn it!). They want me to… GIVE TO ONE OF YOU!! Yeah for Nuggetiers (grumble, harump, pout).

So how do you get your hands on this baby? Come join me and spread the Fishful Thinking word. Fishful Thinking has really started to blossom around The Nugget Club House (aka MY house). I’m planning a Fishful Fair at #3’s preschool and thinking about taking it ‘public’ with a park party. I can’t tell you how much fun it’s been and how much I’ve learned. The only thing missing has been more of the Nuggetiers!

UPDATE: I’m PROUD to announce that Fishful Thinking has reached it’s goal of 1,000 Ambassadors!! So the extra 5 entries option is no longer available.. BUT Fishful Thinking is something ALL of us could use. So still stop by and check them out for your entry into the contest!
So here is how you win, go Here. I still want to give you a chance to win the gift card though. So anyone who blogs about this giveaway (and links back here) will get an entry. EVEN those you did join can blog and get an extra entry. Hurry kiddos, the contest ends this Sunday at midnight! (that is Sunday April 12th).

Now onto the moment you’ve all been waiting for… (drum roll please #1, at least put that racket you make to good use kid!!)

The winner of the box O’ Random Fun-ness is…. Alex The Girl. I LOVE her profile tag line “Mom, Wife, Teacher, but for here, I’m just a girl”. How many of us blog just to be a girl, I know I do.

On deck for this week, will be the winner of the cupcake from our FAB sponsor of the Nuggets Bangerang Bake Shop. The day of that BIG announcement is still a secret so you’ll have to be sure to stop by daily (evil aren’t I?). Here at the club house we enjoyed the new Easter cupcakes (yeah I KNOW it’s not Easter yet but I HAD to have Chocolate or someone was going to get hurt, if ya know what I mean). I’d suggest you put your order in TODAY!

I’m also WAY stoked to review a great new find on the HEALTHY and AMAZINGLY great tasting CHIP front(yes I said CHIP! yippee!!). And guess what, they are going to give a HUGE box o’ swag to one lucky Nuggetier! I can barely contain myself here!!! Of course there will be my usual colorful blogging (I’ve been stewing on this Friday’s fit ALREADY). So happy Monday all… Happy Monday?? Well I figure if you can put lipstick on a pit bull and make a vice presidential candidate out of it, maybe I can put “happy” in front of Monday and it won’t suck so bad. The power of positive thinking!

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