Your mission, should you choose to accept it…


From the desk of your Fearless Leader, Head Nugget herself, code name DiPaola Momma,

My fellow Nuggetiers. Headquarters has been infected by the devious and debilitating scourge known to most as “Writer’s Block”. Headquarters code name, “Brain Farts”. Until such time as we can detect the source of this infection, our communication with you will be limited.

In the intervening period, carry on with your Nuggetier duties as though all was copacetic here in the lair. Your mission is as follows:

Go to the following location: (also accessibleHERE)

Conduct covert surveillance operation, code named:

Report back to headquarters tomorrow for a debriefing and briefing (Nuggetiers should not go commando, thus the re-briefing). At that time we expect that this crisis (unlike the financial one) will be resolved. We anticipate distribution of information garnered about Corozonas as well as the announcement of swag distribution opportunities.

That is all.

(this message should have been set to self destruct in 30 seconds, but seeing as how our Fearless Leader is also know by code name:
“Techno-dumb-butt-maximus”, we figured we wouldn’t make her bust a blood vessel trying to figure that one out!)

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