Mi Corazon.. belongs to.. Corazonas!

My heart actually belongs to The DH (pause for sappy sigh here), but my snack-lovin-hiney-reducing HEALTHY heart belongs to Corazonas.

What the heck is a “Corazonas”, I hear you fuss at me. Well let me first set the scene (insert, Wayne’s World wavy fade out and sound effects..dadada da dadada da).

It was two weeks ago, in a CVS store, not so far away. Numbers 1, 2 and 3 were at school so it was just me and #4 (drat, I can’t ever seem to escape ALONE!). I was hunting for deals, she was whining for “nacks”. My tummy rumbled in response to her repeated requests. Standing in the “nack” isle, a sudden urge for something salty gripped me like a Jedi mind trick… “Chips, you must have”. Struggling to break free my brain reeled at the selection of FULL sized bags of crunchy badness. Flanking me on either side were the Storm Troopers of the “nack” evil empire, Tater Crisps, Orange poofy Chees-esque doodads, Sourcream-ie Crunch-ions. I was out numbered. Then like Skywalker in an X-wing fighter, a small orange bag caught my eye. An escape to the smaller portion size and the added bonus of, “Four Cheese Italiano”. I grabbed my rescuer and exited as quickly as I could.

And that’s how the saga began. I’ll stop with the Star Wars metaphors now.

When we got home I divided up the bag (unevenly in my favor of course). As I sat and munched the salty goodness, I turned the bag over. For some reason I like to punish myself with knowing how many calories and fat are in the things I’m eating. I was SHOCKED when I read that nutritional label. So much so I had to read it several times! I was indulging in a.. could it be?…healthy snack! That tasted oh so very bad for me (in a good way)!! The taste was amazing, the crunch reminiscent of a kettle chip. I assumed I was getting at the very least 10 grams of fat, 200 calories and enough sodium to turn me into Lot’s second wife.

With Corazonas you GET THIS… are ya sitting down?
1 oz (that is about enough to fill a medium Ziploc bowl, I even weighed it!) has the following:
140 Calories
6 grams of fat (only ONE gram is saturated!)
160 mg of sodium (not too bad for a chip)
2 grams of fiber (if you are a Weight Watchers person you KNOW that translates to lower points, BONUS!)
3 grams of protein (WOW)

Just to put that into perspective… a “regular” chip has the following in the same serving size:
165 Calories (you could have 2 of the new Vitamin Water 10s with the Corazones and STILL have less calories than 1 oz of regular chips!)
10.6 grams of fat (3.5 saturated)
179 mg of sodium
1 gram fiber
1.9 grams of protein

OH did I mention that you’ll also get a boost to your heart health from the Corazonas chips? ARE YA KIDDIN’ ME?!!… in fact heart heath is how Corazonas came be. Did you know that heart disease is the leading killer of women in America? Did you know that Nugget Da (my Da) had a heart attack when I was very young? Or that my grandfather died of a heart attack when my Da was only 11 years old himself? With all of that you can imagine that I’m pretty excited when I find a GREAT product that also helps keep my heart healthy.

After reading the back of that bag-o-goodness I did something I’ve rarely ever done before. I contacted the company. I was so impressed I had to share my enthusiasm with them. And guess what, it gets better… WOW what a company! In an era where the term “corporation” is more like a four letter word, these guys break the mold! Here is just a taste (ha I made a punny!).

We are a small company of real people with a hearty appetite and appreciation for life, driven to create delicious, heart healthy snacks. Many of us have been personally touched by heart disease and have made it our mission to spread our conviction – that you CAN eat your heart-healthy snack and have it taste great too! That’s the spirit of Corazonas – doing things (including snacking) without compromise.

We try to carry this ‘joie de vivre’ into our everyday lives too. Have fun, be happy, stay active, enjoy life, live it up! Surround yourself with people you love and things you love to do – your heart will thank you for it!

AND it gets EVEN BETTER! They sent me a whole CASE of their products to try out and review. Check it out!

The kids even loved them! We had friends over to taste test and THEY loved them! I took them to a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association, with my gym rat friends and THEY LOVED THEM! I know YOU are gonna LOVE THEM TOO! Just like she does…

NOW that I’ve gushed (and rightfully so).. it’s time to get you to try them. There are three ways you can do this. Go to a retailer in your area and BUY THEM (locate a store HERE). A good way but you could try a better way.. Costco carries them and will be running a ‘buy one get one’ deal in May with the new and SUPER YUMMY Squeeze of Lime Whole Grain tortilla chips… good but there is an EVEN better way… The Nugget way.. GIVEAWAY! Go visit their siteHERE, look around, then come back and answer any one or all of these questions for 1 entry each.

1. What are plant sterols?
2. Who is Ramona?
3. What is the flavor you’d like to try best?
4. What is the Corazonas Challenge?

AND for 4 more entries (an WHOPPING 8 TOTAL) blog about it! (be sure to link back here or comment with a link).

So what will all this work get YOU? Being an avid blog contest entrant myself, I know it’s a LOT of work to do all this.. BUT it’s worth it!!! The winner will get a mixed CASE (yes I said CASE) of Corazonas yummy goodness. WOWZA huh?

I’m giving you oodles of time to enter this one, since I REALLY want you to learn about how great Corazonas are, in taste and philosophy. So entries from U.S. residents will be accepted through Sunday April 19th (ending at 9 p.m. eastern) and the winner will be announced on the 20th of April.

THANKS Corazonas!

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