Someone has a great Fish Story to tell!

I do! Not only am I going to FORCE myself to stare Monday straight in it’s ugly mug, stick my tongue out at it and say “Today WILL be mine, mine I tell you! Not ME Monday! You won’t win! I refuse to have another cruddy Monday!”… I’m also going to share with you a great way to keep your kiddies busy and remind them to be positive, have fun, and celebrate the great kiddies they are… AND I’m announcing the winner of the $25 Macy’s gift card. Great swag given to the Nuggets by Pepridge Farm Fishful Thinking (visit them through my personal Ambassador’s link!! here , come back often there are great new things all the time.)

One of my favorite things about being an Ambassador is how Fishful Thinking can give me an idea that I can add my own creative touches to and have fun with the kids. I’m truly just a BIG kid at heart. Here is one of the activities suggested by Fishful Thinking:

Treasures Box:Work with your child to decorate a box that is kept on the table you eat at regularly. Keep a stack of index cards and crayons and markers next to the box. Two or three times a week, ask your child to write down or draw something good that happened, something good they saw or heard, remembered or accomplished. During a meal once a week, take turns pulling a treasure from the box and reading it aloud.

And here is how we added to this to make it even more fun and encouraging:
We decorated our boxes, each of my 4 kids and all of my daycare kids made one. That alone was a blast (and a mess but such is my life). We then put things into the box that made us happy. Pictures of family, small toys, notes with short stories about things we’ve done we are proud of or that were fun. We also made one BIG box to use just as suggested above. Each child keeps their treasure box in their room and we add to it once a week. When we do that we take out the items already in there to remind us how good life is. It’s about having fun, fostering pride, empowering our kids AND being optimistic. Which leads me to our Macy’s gift card winner!

Ryan Ashley Scott at Optimistic Cynicism! The kids drew the name but WOW great tie in there eh? (… She as a three year old, and wasn’t quite sold on how to use the Fishful Tools with her wee one.. BUT Mrs. Scott… my youngest is TWO and she loves her treasure box! And you are such a creative Nuggetier (anyone who sees your 80’s blinged out Beaches-esque mantel photo just KNOWS that!) I know you’ll keep coming back to see what Fishful has to offer and you’ll have fun with little one too!

I’m proud to tell ya that Pepridge Farm has reached it’s goal for Ambassadorship, 1,000 of us!!! WOW huh? Being that I take my Fishful diplomatic duties very seriously I’ll be adding a weekly Fishful fun dip (as this IS the Nuggets after all) to my post schedule. That’s my big secret to success I schedule EVERYTHING (and yes Julia I mean everything!). I want you to all benefit from the fun I’m having making the Nugget Clubhouse more Fishful (mmm, fish nuggets? he he).

So Happy Monday (did I just say that? I must have been it the “water” too long!). Stay tuned this week to find out who won that YUMMY cupcake give away and go visit our next featured product Take a look around and be sure to come back Wednesday for their feature AND giveaway!

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