This break brought to you by.. PUKE!

Yeah pretty picture isn’t it? Well #3 is spewing like that volcano in the Galapagos… and if you are the parent of more than one kid you know what that usually means. Puke fest! I’m just waiting for the school to call and tell me that someone else is hurling. And even as I scribble this short post I think I feel bubbly in the tummy myself (yeah rapid weight loss, BONUS!). Now that I’ve deterred you from that cheese danish you were eyeing for breakfast, let me just bow out for the morning at least. I do have a new product and giveaway for ya.. but until I can get all the bedding washed and digestive systems corked I’ve got to put that one on hold. (shoving her hands into rubber gloves, putting her hair back, clothes pinning her nose closed, putting on her game face) I’m off to do battle with the tummy bug, wish me luck!

Oh, one last totally non-puke related thing… WELCOME BACK Annie K. I’ve MISSED YOU!!! Went to a book signing last night and thought about ya lots. Hope all is well, and puke free of course (just had to work one last ralphing reference in there).

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