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#3 (my 4 year old son) has this obsession with getting mail. He used to be satisfied with me handing him the junk mail and saying it was for him. Now that he can read his name, if it isn’t on that envelope he ain’t buying it (the draw backs of teaching our kids to read!). It’s gotten so bad that he’s been known to pitch a full fledged fit over not getting mail. I don’t know about you, but really MOM fits are the only ones that are acceptable in my book.

So when I was out web surfing a few weeks ago I was stoked (sticking with the surfer jargon here) to find yet another person who had a GREAT I idea I didn’t bother to think of. Mail 4 kids ( is AMAZING!

And just so the FCC knows… yes they did send me a free sample, I am not a paid spokes-blogger and I am NOT shilling for them I really love the product and have even bought it for my son. For my own FULL FLEDGED FIT on this topic, stop by this Friday for Fit Pitchin‘ Friday.

When I contacted them they were kind enough to send us a sample and are offering a 2 month membership to one of you! I also wanted to know more about how they came to be and what they do… I’m nosy that way. AND I’m passionate about promoting mom based/owned/created businesses. So here is what Sherri-Lee said:
“mail4kids is a unique educational collector’s card subscription service for kids. Each week we mail custom designed collector’s cards to our subscribers. On the front, each card has a fascinating image from one of our categories and on the back, fun and educational information about the picture. Each card comes with an activity sheet specially designed to continue the theme of that week and to enhance the child’s learning and fun. Each subscriber receives a personalized collector’s box to store their collection in, index cards to organize their collection and a special thank you gift. We also do special mailings to our subscribers on birthdays and special holidays. We are building a members’ area for our subscribers to continue their learning; more information about each card; activity sheets to download; recipes for the foods in our food category and more – coming soon!”
And because I wanted to know about HER and not just her business I found this out… She is trained in Therapeutic Recreation but has worked for herself in her own businesses for 12 years. She is a SAHM (yeah for SAHMs!!!). She is homeschooling Hannah who will be 9 in May and Benny who is 4 and they are quite literally the reason that mail4kids came about. Like ME she was constantly being asked “is there any mail for me?” (though she didn’t mention any fit pitching) Her kids soon got bored with the junk mail too. That got her thinking about and exploring a way to keep the kids happy, have fun and make it an educational opportunity. BOY did she nail that one! The adventure of Mail 4 Kids ( began in October last year and is growing!

Here is how #3 reacted to his first Mail 4 kids arrival (note:because this was a sample it came in a plain white envelope BUT the “real” mail comes in a colorful one)

First he had to CHECK and make sure it wasn’t junk mail…

“FOR ME?!”

“It’s a bug!” BONUS

It even came with this great coloring page.. we LOVE to color! I can’t wait for the box to show up with our subscription. You also get a starter kit.. and that’s how you’ll enter to win kiddos! Visit Mail 4 Kids ( look around. Then come back here at tell me at least one of the things you’ll find in the starter kit. Easy, peas-ie, I need to sneeze-ie! (alergies are poo!) Contest is open to U.S. residents only (I’m still workin‘ on some swag for the international Nuggetiers) and ends April 28Th at midnight. The winner will be announced on Wednesday April 29. And get this Nuggetiers… She is going to give a promo code to anyone who doesn’t win but wants to sign up. It will get you a FREE starter kit ($25 value).

Thanks for all the support during my day-o-spew yesterday. We’re doing better, thanks. And sorry for the slight blur in the pics.. our camera needs the boot! One last note, can I just say BLEH on Blogger’s new formatting system.. I’ve spent 10x longer on trying to correct the formatting in this post than actually writing the freaking thing!

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