Crying in my Cheerios

Why? Well I’m giving myself a pity party today. I’m still working on as much sleep as a college student one week before finals (e.g. little to none). Things around the club house are starting to grow fur from lack of up keep and I’m not talking about the felines kiddos. The dark circles under my eyes are rapidly approaching a “Who hit you?” hue. I won’t even address the piles of laundry begging to be folded or the build up of gunk on the floors in dire need of Scuba Steve. That’s how sad it gets gang. I have a freaking floor mopping robot for Martha’s sake and I haven’t even mustered the energy to fill it and turn the dam thing on!

And to add to my sleep deprived self pitying stupor… I’m feeling forgotten. Yes me, the post a day-comment queen of the blogosphere is feeling overlooked. Why? Well let me whine about it, even if you don’t let me I will though. Do you remember back a month or two ago when SITS, the place to be for ALL the cool kids, had their spring fling? I was beyond over the moon.. see I won! And not just once but THREE times! My haul of loot included silk tea bags, spa stuff and stationary. Yeah me!! I love all that stuff and I WON it.. BONUS!!! But here I sit, the girl who got stood up for the prom. I won all that great loot and it never made it to me.. NONE of it. Now I’m not one to judge other’s on their timeliness. Lord knows I’m as tardy as Donald Trump on tax day. Just ask.. well just about anyone who has won one of my giveaways. I tend to be running late. BUT I get there! And I usually come bearing extra gifts to placate my own guilt. So today, I let all my tough-girl-I-can-take-it-who-cares-anyway pretense fall. I sit here at my keyboard ignoring all that needs to be done, hair disheveled, dark circles besmirching my visage, nursing a mega biggie sized up o’ joe and cry about not getting my goodies.. woe is me.

Oh, and to Alex the Girl.. I didn’t forget you, lest you try to put me in the above stated category. Check your comments today.. I simply misplaced (or am too lazy to look for) your shipping info.

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