Fit Pitchin’ Friday (yeah I know I’m late!)

I’m late with the rant, but I have a really good reason. #3 woke up this morning and couldn’t walk. He couldn’t even put enough weight on his left leg to stand up. So being the seasoned hypochondriac that I am, I went into full panic mode. We spent a good portion of the day at the doctor’s office. He got poked, prodded and xrayed. The good news is he is running about like a normal four year old boy again and nothing was broken. The bad news is we’ve got to go back to Hopkins (always a treat) and see his orthopedist again.

Neither rain, nor sunshiny 70 degree fabulous weather, nor hours under florescent light in a doctor’s office in fear for my child’s health, can deter this momma from her mission. On to the fit…

I know lots of you, like me, are members of The Classy Closet (http://, and some of you crusty old Nuggets (eewww nice image huh) will recall the wonderfully Chic and generous Ellen of Thrifty and Chic Mom (http:// who kindly gave us all the great coupon organizing tips, I still use MYSELF, in her guest post (

It’s from these two FABU mom bloggy places that I learned of the latest plot being hatched by our faithfully WACKADOO Government. Because they have so much free time on their hands, they’ve decided to put their brilliant minds together (collectively forming one half of the common sized human cranium) and figure out where their vast powers can best be applied. They’ve deliberated and come to the brilliant conclusion that the biggest threat to the American consumer is… crooked bankers? NO… Greedy corporations?NO… The American dollar bleeding value like a hemophiliac visiting the not so vegetarian cousins of the Cullen family?NO… Kids the big threat is ME! Me and YOU! All of us evil, deceitful, con artist mom bloggers out there. We lay in wait, wrapped in our Snuggies, Bumpits secured to our heads, biding our time. Waiting for the perfect moment to force our opinions on our blog readers and coerce them into spending their hard earned cash on tanking GM stock… I mean well made products from businesses we believe in.

Please read this report from ABC News if you don’t know what I’m talking about and come back to tell me what YOU think! (

FYI, my legal disclaimer.. I don’t bitch about anything I don’t truly get ticked off about. Just so you don’t think I’m perpetrating a fit pitching fraud, being some sort of ticked off shill and forcing my bloggy mind control powers upon your simple brains, which are otherwise incapable of making your own choices.

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