I give Mi Corazonas (not Mi Corozone, that’s The DH’s) too….

Drum roll please! The winner of the CASE of mixed products from the AMAZING Corazonas chip company is……

Barter Babe at http://typingonadime.blogspot.com/ (get me your shiping 411 asap por favor)

As usual I placed numbered tickets in the pitcher o’ Nuggety luck and entertained the kiddies by letting them pick a number. I know, I know… most bloggers use Radomizer. But with four kids I sometimes run short on entertaining activities so I’ve got to stretch it out. Besides, it makes them love mommy’s blogging and even every now and then allow me 2 minutes of kid free blog time! So it’s a win, win.. winner thing all around.

I’ve gotta share something about the winner of this one with the rest of the clubhouse. HER BLOGS ARE AWESOME! The one in the link above will give you great tips on learning how to Barter for goods and services. I’ve wanted to try this myself. The Wall Street Journal says that bartering is fast becoming an economic force in America. I’ve participated in a daycare exchange but I’d like to branch out into other areas and her first blog is where I’ll start. Her second blog…
Can I just pause here a moment and say that I’m amazed by anyone who has more than one! (yes YOU Julia!) I can’t imagine what my house would look like if I had 2. The kids would likely eat the cats and the laundry would grow legs and mount a coup while I toiled away at the keyboard in oblivious bliss night and day…
Any who, it is one of the neatest blog concepts I’ve seen since the coolest blog in all of cyberspace, SITS (can I get a holla from my SITStas?!)… it’s called Interviews with Friends http://interviewswithfriends.blogspot.com/ . And though I’ll ALWAYS be a SITSta and Welcomista above all else, it’s fun to read these “interviews”.

So stop by and say “Hey” to today’s winning Nuggetier… don’t pout though! I’ve got the Mail4kids giveaway.. a review AND giveaway for another COOL product next week.. AND the cupcake winner will at LONG last be revealed this week!!

So, as much as it pains be to say it, Happy Monday fellow Nuggetiers. Go forth and make the world a better place this week (as each of you do for me EVERY day! awe gushy, mushy, big fluffy kitty, wub to all of ya!!!)

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