Taking one from TuTu

Because I’d never lovingly rip off another blogger without giving proper credit and lots o’ linky lub… Today’s post is credited in part to Tutu’s Bliss and her weekly

She’s on vacay this week… Where does one who lives in Hawaii go on vacation? Really, is this not like the riddle of the century?! Being that she is out she didn’t do her usual post this week. But, take my word for it, she has an amazing blog. So go visit her often, maybe you’ll win one of her contests. I know you’ll at least get a good laugh and a bit of Island envy.

So on to how I’m ripping her off (lovingly of course). I want your two cents. A dear friend of mine participated in a clinical study for Medifast last year. She lost tons of weight and I’m very proud of her. In the last few months life as the mayor here in Crazyville, MD has been a bit more stressful than normal. Whaaa? me stressed!…. NEVAH! okay I can say that as much as I want but, the butt don’t lie. When I stress I EAT and it shows in my seat. In the last two years I’ve lost about 60 pounds total, found about 20 and invited it to take up residence on the butt, arms, thighs and what the heck is that thing where my waist should be?!!!!

We are taking the brood home to Cali for a visit and I’m seriously considering plunking down the BIG bucks you’ve got to fork over to the MediFast folks to get a quick jump start. Now mind you, intellectually I know this is just a band aid. After all I did loose that 60-ish pounds the proper (i.e. HARD) way. I do workout at least three days a week not counting chasing monkey kids around, gardening and the stuff that works up a sweat around the house (get your mind out of the gutter Lexi, I mean cleaning). I love to cook and have great healthy alternatives to just about everything we enjoy eating. The problem is the last few months I’ve shoved anything deep fried and/or smothered in chocolate, salt or any of a wide variety of carb-y goodness into the old yap in the name of stress relief. Truth be told some of that stress came in the form of laziness. I’m nothing if not honest (on my blog, he he). SOOOO, I find myself in a bit of a tight spot (sort of like the one in my skinny jeans). I want to get some of this wiggly giggly back off before I head home BUT I’ve only got about 2 months to do that in. That pretty much puts conventional healthy eating, exercise, moderation.. blah blah blah, out the window. I want your “Two Cents” on Medifast. Have you tried it? Know anyone who has? Do you think it’s worth the $$ for that quick fix? Or should I just retire my fat to the lonely confines of a spray tan booth? After all tan fat looks better than blindingly day-glow white fat right?

And I’ll end this plea for opinions on rapid weight loss, fittingly with the winner of the cupcake in a jar from my wonderful sponsor Bangerang Bake Shop…. CONGRATS Gail over at http://mooselovingmamabear.blogspot.com/ email me your shipping info and I’ll get it over to Nicole at Bangerang. One last thing Nuggetiers, PLEASE stop by tomorrow! I’m going to have a guest post/interview on a subject near and dear to all of our hearts, be they big or small, BOOBS!

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