dragin’ tail

Hey Nuggetiers I’m still alive! After a weekend in NYC, a whole day doing my own Fishful Thinking Fair at my son’s preschool, and playing catch up to all the other stuff I’ve missed in the last 5 days I haven’t had time to whip up a post yet. Just checking in to say I’m still here!! I’ve got a GREAT new product (tested in NYC and the left coast over the weekend) to tell you about AND give away. And I have NOT forgotten the Mail4Kids winner either!!! BTW, Ms. Crafty Moose I’m waiting for your shipping info so you can get your YUMMY cupcake from my super FABU sponsor, Bangerang Bake Shop (A GREAT Mother’s day gift idea!).

So I’ll either be back late tonight or have one whopper of a post in the morning. MISSED YA!

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