This "ah-ha" moment brought to you by Pursket

Like I mentioned earlier, I spent the weekend in NYC. This trip way purely pleasure. In lieu of a birthday party I took my 10 year old daughter for a girls weekend. We met up with my BF, her fairy godmother and the Nuggets resident beauty expert who is a native. Nothing like having an expert guide in the concrete jungle!

We shopped until we dropped, quite literally! We ate, danced, were serenaded by singing waiters and enjoyed the view of Time Square from our lush hotel room. A real once in a lifetime treat! So what does this have to do with an “ah-ha” moment, you say?

We’ll if you’ve been a Nuggetier for long you might have been around for the days of Bag Tag ( The lovely Rachel over at the equally witty blog Sippy Cup Chardonnay ( tagged me and I shared the overflowing contents of my chic yet very diaper-bag-ish D&G hand bag. I love this bag but I’ll be honest, it’s proof of many of Steven Hawking’s theories on black holes. Things go in never to be found again. But no longer kiddos! I’ve found salvation in the form of an genius little product from Pursket ( Their products are simple little life savers. I went from this:
(and mind you this is a cleaned up, photo worthy, version of what my bag usually looks like). To this AMAZING mess-less monument to mommy organization! AH-HA!!!!

And boy did Pursket come to the rescue in NYC! With all my stuff tucked neatly into those pockets, EVEN my camera in a nice Velcro closed nook, everything was was literally at my finger tips. I’ll admit though that I had some trouble getting the system in. First I put it in backwards (helps to follow instructions, duh!). Then it slipped a bit until I got it just right. Once that happened it was an affair to remember (yes that’s a shameless NYC film reference). I could reach my wallet without digging! Funny that is one of Pursket’s tag lines ( DIG NO MORE!! The only thing I’m diggin’ these days is my Pursket (I’m using the large one). Now on to you. Would you like to give one of these a try? I’ve got 2 of them to give away. How can you get one I here you say? Okay that’s a little Seuss but I’m more than a little frazzled today. Here is how you do it. First you MUST follow me because I’m insecure and want the approval of faceless people on the web. Second you MUST also go visit Pursket (, browse around and tell me something I didn’t tell you in this post. Last, let me know which of these two too cute Purskets you’d like to make your very own!

You are welcome to do ALL of this in one comment. Remember I’m not into that whole Randomizer thing. I’ve got kids to put to work… um I mean entertain. So you’ll get three tickets with your name on them when you leave your comment. Thus three chances to win!

And if MY humble opinion isn’t enough for you. I actually did a test with two more of them. My dear friend Carolyn is not only tre chic herself but a professional and a mom. Her BEAUTIFUL and very talented daughter Kelsey is the epitome of teen aged style. They both tried different sized Purskets and here is what they said:

“…Lara Dipaola sent my daughter and I a Purseket to try and we have both used it in two different types of purse, one structured and one hobo. I enjoyed not rummaging around in the large hobo purse and found the purseket a great help when looking in the abyss of my purse. Kelsey, 14, used it in a smaller coach purse (hand me down) but found it easier to find things lipgloss/pen.etc., I have recommended to my girlfriends that they should “check out” the Purseket website. I think it’s best suited to a structured purse, however we were both happy. All Thanks to Lara and her blog. Thanks Lara and Thanks Purseket. We love it. ”

I’ll announce the giveaway winners Monday (May 4th) and have it in the mail in time for Mother’s day should you choose to gift your winnings. I know my mom would LOVE it!

*Disclaimer, to those of you under my brainwashing bloggy influence: I only do HONEST reviews of products on my blog. If I don’t like something I’ll tell you. If I do, I’ll go on and on about it. I do sometimes get free products to review. I also find things I like (that I have PURCHASED) and I’ll tell you about them. I’ve even been known to rant about things I don’t like (read here Should you CHOOSE to purchase a product based on my review, that CHOICE is yours. Thanks for having faith in my opinions though!*

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