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So Tamara a.k.a. Cheapskate Mom, a.k.a the multitallented-kick-ass button designer responsible for the Nugget button…not to be confused with a butt Nugget…AND the Nuggetini banner, a.k.a a woman so cheap she uses plastic shopping bags and tape in lieu of snow boots, a.k.a the big hearted momma who took tons of handmade paper hearts to Tuesday Witt’s memorial service for those of us who couldn’t be there our selves, a.k.a a fellow Welcomista from SITS… okay I’m done with the a.k.a.s, not that I can’t keep going but I surmise, that by now you’ve had it with them. Well anywhooo, she wrote the following post over on her blog in order to bribe me into giving away well guarded secrets of your fearless Nugget leader

( And being the Ho for attention that I am. I have of course jumped at the chance to give it up, I’m such a cheap date.. just ply me with a bit of vino and shameless flattery and I’ll give it up like Britney Spears on an all night bender in South Beach (I’m just country like that ya’ll)!

On a side note, Tamara I expect some vino okay!!
So what she asked was how I made my famous, fabulous, gotta have it Goat’s Milk, lavender and vanilla exfoliating and moisturizing soap. Say that sucker five times fast kids! It’s not all that hard, but I’ll still play it up.. like that mom in those old ads for Rice Crispy treats. Remember those? She makes the treats, places them nicely on a platter, then dusts her face with flour and messes her apron before presenting the adoring family the fruits of her oh so very hard labor. That is SO me! With this soap at least.
Here is how the magic happens:
1 soap mold (I use a rounded bar mold with 4 slots bought in the clearance section at Michael’s for $2)
1 tub of organic Goat’s milk soap base (I get mine from a local supplier BUT you can find something similar at Michael’s or I’ll give you a website at the end of the post)
6-10 drops of lavender essential oil (I use only all natural and get it from an herbalist BUT I have used some of the Naturals available at.. you guessed it.. MICHAEL’S!)
6-10 drops of vanilla essential oil (dido for the where I get it)
1/4 cup flax seeds (these are the exfoliants and the work like a dream.. BUT they do give the white soap base a sort of icky green-ish brown look over time, it doesn’t effect the soap just looks bleh)
1 cup organic lavender (I get this from two places a whole sale craft store online and an organic supply company, I’ll give you both of those at the end in links)
Melt the soap base in a non metallic double boiler and add in essential oils. Stir until lump free. Remove from heat and add in flax and lavender. Pour into molds and let set up for at least 3 hours. Now that you’ve MADE IT, SAVE IT by packaging in plastic wrap for home use. I also use decorative natural papers and raffia to make them gift worthy. My favorite type wrap is to hit the clearance on natural scrap booking pages. I can hand wrap 2 bars in one 8 1/2×11 page. I close them with embossed seals from the craft store or if I’m feeling real fancy I use sealing wax and a monogram seal.
Some bonus tips here… I buy the lavender in bulk, we’re talking like 5 pounds. WHY THE HECK DO I DO THAT?! Well I use it in lots of other ways that are both great cost cutters and natural+fun ways to do things. I make home made carpet freshener in stead of paying $3 for plastic packaged who-knows-what is in it commercial stuff. Simply grab a container w/a lid take that lavender, add 1 cup lavender to 2 cups baking soda, squeeze in a drop or two of essential oil for extra umph. Cover and shake.. whaaa laaaa you’ve got custom made organic carpet fresh. If you have a coffee grinder (you don’t use for coffee, cuz eeewww lavender flavored coffee) grind up the lavender before you mix and it’s extra strength. We have cats who poo so I put some lavender in the litter to help make it smell more like poo-ouri! You can buy linen or silk bags around the size of a tea bag from craft stores or in bulk at the links I’ll give you. Fill them with lavender, some bay leaves and I like to use chamomile flowers. Seep them in your bath, a bath tea bag (big bucks at Spa shops). They make the water yummy smelling and the mommy stress melt away. Well at least until the kids are pounding on the bathroom door shouting “Mommy, what ya doin’?”. You can put the lavender with a few drops of that essential oil mixed in, stuff them into a pretty organza bag and put them in the bathrooms or your drawers for a sachet.. OLE! What you pay for the bulk stuff you get back ten fold with all the uses for it.
So if you like the ideas here be sure to give them a try and pop over to Cheapskate Mom and say thanks for the bribe!
Here are the links I promised:
Save on is where I get LOTS of stuff. Shop around they have great deals and great craft how-to’s as well
Sleeping Dragons is a company that sells all kinds of neat stuff. I’ve gotten some oils from them. They have a great eBay store:
And as always the old stand by is Michaels or AC Moore Crafts.. have fun kiddos! See ya tomorrow for Fit Pitchin’ Friday.. be sure to get your own rants ready!

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