I’ve always sucked at tag,.. but here goes

So Becca the lovely shoe maven over at Her blog found here has tagged me for this crazy 8s game. And being that my brain is still in stealth mode doing it’s very best to elude me, I figured this would be an easy Sunday post. Here goes

The rules for this one are equally easy on the ol’ noggin. First mention the person who tagged you. Nothin’ like some linky wubbin’!
Next post your list of 8’s… this I can do (in theory)
Follow that up by inflicting this upon.. I mean tagging 8 bloggers, and tell them you tagged them

Here are the craaaaazyyy 8s Nugget style!

8 things I’m looking forward to
1. Bedtime
2. My trip home to see the parental units this summer (again, in theory, four kids on a plane might not be the laugh riot I’m thinking it will be.)
3. Going to see U2 for my birthday with the DH and #1
4. REAL Mexican food, sopes here I come, back home (sans the whole swine flu thing of course)
5. 5 minutes to myself
6. Mother’s Day (yeah ME!)
7. Going to Jason’s wedding next month and dancing with the DH for the first time in FAR too long!
8. That magic day when the elusive literary agent stumbles upon this blog and hails me as the next best seller!

8 things I did yesterday
1. Blogged
2. Pondered the meaning of life
3. Showered (may sound ordinary but sadly I must admit this is sometimes not in the daily routine)
4. Started Annie’s Angel eating plan.. not too bad so far
5. Watched FAR to much Disney Channel
6. Made the kids oatmeal cookie ice cream sammies that they.. did NOT like.. WTF?!
7. Kissed the greatest kisser in the world, stop it people it WAS the DH, be NICE!
8. Worked on getting us a big fat gift card for a give away (we’re talkin’ $50 or more kiddos!)

8 things I wish I could do
1. Knit
2. Sew (better than a fifth grader)
3. Loose 60 pounds (over night preferably!)
4. Go back to Tuscany and never come home
5. Finish and SELL a book
6. Take my kids to Ireland
7. Make some one’s life better (yeah I realize how very beauty pageant contestant that is, but truly I feel like I’ve got such an abundance in life, I want to help others where I can. Did I win?)
8. Spend more time with the DH (sans offspring)

8 shows I watch
1. HLN (for 15 minutes a day before Disney possesses my T.V. for the next 10 hrs)
2. Survivor
3. Dancing with the Stars (can I just say.. cheers to finally getting a hot guy this season?!)
4. The Starter Wife (when the heck is it back on? I bet they’ll cancel it just like the did The 4400 and leave me feeling cheated and used)
5. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
6. Imagination Movers
7. Project Runway
8. Jeopardy

8 favorite fruits
1. Watermelon
2. Strawberries
3. Peaches
4. Kiwi
5. Figs
6. Kumquat (okay so that’s a lie but one can never pass up the opportunity to use such a titillating word in every day blogging, conversation or a fake bout with Turet’s syndrome..”How are you doing today Principle Whatsyourface? So my kid isn’t an apple polisher…Kumquat!”)
7. Cherries
8. Tim Gunn

8 places I would like to travel (okay I’ve done quite a bit of traveling so some of these are places I’d like to travel back to)
1. Valley of the Kings, Egypt
2. Tahiti
3. Galapagos (preferably for free with Alex Tribec!)
4. Canada (I want to know what’s up with this whole ham is bacon and we speak french arbitrarily thing. I suspect it’s the roots of a plot to take over the Americas. Oh, stop you O’Canada readers ya know I’m just foolin’.. or am I?)
5. Spain with the DH and kids (return trip after having lived there for 3 years I want to share it with my family
6. The Greek Isles I haven’t been to yet, considering I’ve only been to Crete that’s a few Islands left to hit yeah?
7. Peru (I miss my Svetta who is there now AND the mother ship says we can meet easier at the intersection of one of those runways.. I mean lines)
8. Italy (back to Sienna most of all, it’s like a little slice of heaven. I want to retire here)

8 people I am tagging (whom I hope will someday forgive me, know that I do this out of love and respect, and well because I can)

1.Hillbilly Duhn
2 Bee and Rose
3. Becca http://beccalyn.blogspot.com/

4. Ryan Ashley Scott http://ryanashleyscott.blogspot.com/

5. Martha, Martha, Martha over at “A Sense of Humor is Essential” http://comicallyflawed.blogspot.com/

6. As official punishment, I mean WELCOME to the Nuggets. One of our newest Nuggetiers, Candice http://spiritedmotha.blogspot.com/

7. Because she is FAR funnier than I and because NOBODY rocks a snuggie like she can, Kristina P. http://adamandkristinapulsipher.blogspot.com/

8. Just to hear her go “aaaaack, this is so not my thing”, only because unlike myself, she is a super smart mommy chick whom I worship in full Wayne’s world fashion. My last tag goes to the coolest of the cool chicks, The Divine Mrs. Em http://eminpursuit.blogspot.com/

And since I’m all about sharing the annoyance.. I mean wub.. if you are reading this post… TAG YOU’RE IT!!!!!!!!!

P.S. can I just say that the new blogger formatting for posts STILL sucks big nasty corn chip toenails?! REALLY!! I spent for-freaking-ever typing in that < eh="MC2">wtf<:/zzph44HIKE crap and still couldn't get most the links to work right OR the freaking lines to line up...way to fix things up tech-know-dorks!!!

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