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Yeah it’s Monday and as we say here at the Nuggets; Monday sucks big nasty toenails! But in my on-going effort to change that (yes a petition has been sent to President Obama) I’ve decided to make Mondays, at least here at the Nuggets, a happy day. Cause for celebration, congratulations, salutations and the occasional prognostication… man I need a VACATION! From this day forth I will make it an administrative policy that all contest winners will be announced on Mondays! Now if this goes the way many of my real life admin decrees, somebody will step in to foil my grandiose plans. But for now I’m sticking to it (I reserve the right to fall of the Happy Monday wagon at any time with no penalties, fees or smart comments from the Nuggetiers!).

(drum roll please)… TODAY the first winner of a “Mondays Might Not Suck After All” contest announcement is… wait hold on first you’ve gotta check this out (tease aren’t I?)..

#3 got his Mail4Kids starter kit last week. And that kit alone is MORE than worth the subscription price… look at this face!

First it came wrapped, and be-stickered in bright paper with HIS NAME ON IT! Check out the look on #4, do you think I might be on the hook for a second subscription soon?!

Then he unwrapped a box.. WITH HIS NAME (this is such a big deal to him), packed with stickers, dividers for the postcards to come, NEW post cards, a cool bendy pencil, a note pad, a letter to HIM and best of all a DINO EGG! Mail4Kids has got the 4 year old boy pegged!!!

THANKS Mail4Kids!!!

Before I give you the name of the person who won…. You are ALL winners this time. Mail4Kids is offering all Nuggetiers who sign up a coupon code to get that FAB starter kit FREE!!! I heart FREE!… and the code is “FREE” (I sense a trend here). Simply use the code at check out over at Mail4Kids. It’s really a great deal. If you think about how many times you’ve waisted cash at Tarjahey or Sprawl Mart for that impulse toy or trinket. Only to get it home and see it either break in the first 5 minutes of use or worse end up putting it, unused into the charity box the following month. With this gift it really does keep on giving. Your child will get something sent to THEM that they can collect, enjoy and best of all LEARN from. I did get a sample and the free deal for this review/giveaway but I’ve also bought the service for #3 because I’m that impressed!

Alright now to the winner… Beth and her cutie patootie guy Henry over at Anti Supermom though like I tell her, I suspect that she is actually the real Supermom. Go see for yourselves.

Thanks for playin’ gang and as much as it pains me to say it “Happy Monday”

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