This Tuesday is for "our" Tuesday

Many of you, my fellow Nuggetiers, SITStas, Welcomistas and just bloggity BFFs know about Tusesday Fiona Whitt. Many of us felt her loss in depths beyond explanation. We strangers united in empathy and support for her family. Though NOTHING can make up for her loss, the light that her young life spread quite literally around the world, shines as a beacon for us to gather round and lift one another up.
Tuesday’s Blog Party
I had planned to participate in her blog party. But things got away from me. SO, I’ve decided to make up for that by spreading my money arround to the MANY cool things being auctioned off blogosphere wide to benefit The Tuseday Fiona Whitt foundation. Go HERE to the blog of an amazing person, woman, wife, mother and someone I’m honored to call a bloggy Friend, Deb. She is hosting the blog party auction and the range of stuff to be had is nothing short of AMAZING (just stay away from my sunglasses over at Cheapskate Mom… they’re MINE I tell ya!)

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