Did I say that?

I seem to vaguely remember saying something about announcing contest winners only on Mondays in an attempt to ward of Sucky Monday Syndrome. Yet, much the way that my resolve melts when faced with a chocolate croissant (the French are genious really, combining carbs AND chocolate, EVIL genious!), I couldn’t stick to this one. I just couldn’t make the winners of the Pursket giveaway wait. After all Sunday IS mother’s day and what more can a mom ask for but… accessories… YEAH!

So, I’ve decided to do this differently. See I figure if I don’t PERSONALLY tell the winners they won, well then really have I fallen off the Monday movement waggon? Is it my fault if I tell YOU that Kati at Country Girl City Life won the pink one and that Niki over at Blah Blah Blog won the black and white one… and YOU just happen to go visit them and spill the beans? I mean honestly is it MY fault if Nuggetiers can’t keep a secret and end up telling them to send me their mailing info? Or say one of the winners stops by the Nuggets and just happens to stumble upon this post… doesn’t that make them nosy and me the pillar of virtue that I am, sticking to my word and all?!

In the end I haven’t slipped up, in theory. And of course I also won the Power ball Lotto yesterday, in theory. I’ve also been signed to a literary contract with Random House and my first book will be written as a collaboration with Susan Jane Gillman, in theory. OOOOH I’m liking this “in theory” thing, I think I’ll just proceed to doing my house work.. say it with me gang… IN THEORY!!!

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