Do something fun today… or any day.. or every day!

I’m still working on the camera thing gang. I promise that you’ll love the giveaway when I can get it up!

In the interim I found something fun for us ALL. You all know I’m an Ambassador for Pepridge Farm, Fishful Thinking. So are a bunch of the Nuggetiers. I can’t speak for them, but for me it’s really been a blast! I’m learning more than I’d ever expected and finding new ways to do fun things with the kiddies that also help them to become more well rounded.

So what’s this NEW fun thing? It’s a Storybook you can make with YOUR kiddos and it’s FREE! Go check it out. I’ll be sharing some of mine soon. I’d LOVE to see yours! OOOHHH you could also win a $10,000 scholarship too!

FYI, if you do click here I just might earns some points and get some goodies for it. Just so ya know;0}

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