What the flagnots!

Here is how this post started… (doing my very best Annie Leibovitz) Place tre chic Home Interiors smelly spray-em all over instead of cleaning, for that fresh clean smell, items on the table. Stage faux flora around it for dramatic effect. Gauge lighting for the most artistic interpretation. Step back and admire my own artsy-fartsy-ness. Go get camera. DAM! That flarping pile of schnit, made no doubt by hard working 7 year olds during one of their 22 hour shifts at the moDAK plant in that country of a billion or so in the east somewhere, is broken after only 3 months! Sure it took crappy pictures. But it took them. Well at least until last week when it was dropped. It’s not like it was dropped of the Seltzer Tower in Baltimore or anything. Is it too much to ask that a camera withstand the occasional tousle from a 4 year old? Am I being unreasonable (as usual) here? SOOOO.. I won’t be announcing the great smelling new giveaway until I can pilfer The DH’s work camera. Your tax payer dollar hard at work on MY BLOG! You don’t mind right? I mean it’s not like I’m the speaker of the house demanding my own private jet or anything. Unless of course I can get one of those too!

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