An ode to Prom

A brave woman, A different kind of girl with her John Hughes inspired story of nylon, taffeta and skoal PROMted me to join in with the whole Prom-A-Palooza thing from The Stiletto Mom. BUT alas I can’t get the scanner to work (sure) so I’m just gonna let the Nuggetiers in on the fun and hope that they’ll let me laugh at their expense. So do tell my darling readers, how many “livin’ on a prayer” and “a night in heaven” themes were there? Did you have bigger hair than boobs? Was he a McDreamy (though when I went to prom Patrick Dempsey was just a washed up 80’s dorky puppy dog cute guy.. think “Can’t buy me love”) or was he “Only Human” (aaah 80’s music)? How much aqua net was involved? And answer if you will the age old question, pin on or wristlette?

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