Fit Pitchin’ Friday… The Audacity of Dopes

I do my best not to interject my political views into this blog. Don’t worry kidos I’ve got em. I just choose to keep them in check, well some times. This really isn’t an exception to that policy. So before anyone jumps on the political opinion band wagon just know this post is NOT about politics, it’s about dumb asses… which when one thinks about it, the two are pretty much synonymous, no?

I’ll confess I get the bulk of my news in the 12 minutes a day I sneak from Headline News in the morning before the kids wake up and take over the remote. Yes I realize that HLN isn’t exactly know for hard hitting investigative journalism. But hey at least it’s not TMZ! It’s still news peeps, after all where else would I have learned about the plight of the family that had their miniature donkey stolen? Or about the dog who defended it’s injured comrade in the streets of New York? I’d be in the dark about the man who is offering street walkers in his Georgia town a one way bus ticket to Vegas, after all prostitution is legal there (Dear, Ill informed “good” Samaritan prostitution in NOT legal inside the Vegas city limits. I just thought you might want to know that since none of the “news” agencies that interviewed you managed to mention it. And we wouldn’t want Vegas run amok with disappointed ladies of the evening.) I realize none of this is political, but I tend to get distracted.

The fit today is actually aimed at the gifted intellectuals who find themselves at the helm of the esteemed institution of higher learning known as Arizona State University. A grand and world renowned (cough) establishment who has bestowed honorary doctoral degrees on the likes of Erma Bombeck (for the record I heart her) and Jerry Colangelo (former owner of the Phoenix Suns basketball franchise) in gratitude for their keynote speeches given at commencement. In truth this is a practice adopted by most colleges and universities. It’s sort of a “thanks for the memories” type of thing.

However, this year at Arizona State the keynote speaker did not receive this token of esteem. A school spokesman was quoted as having said that the speaker “had not established a body of work that would qualify him for a degree”. Understandable I guess. After all the University has to keep close eye on the caliber of individuals that it confers honorary degrees upon lest it risk diminishing the accomplishments of Erma Bombeck.

Here is the rub for me. This year the speaker at the Arizona State graduation was graduate of Harvard law school, the author of several books, a former United States Senator… and OH YEAH the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Forget the fact that he also happens to be our first President of African descent. I’ve just got stop here for WHAT moment. Did they really do that? What the heck else does the guy have to do to be “worthy” of a fictional degree?! Talk about setting the bar high! I have to say that I went back and read the whole of his speech. And in true Obama form he was inspiring and even made light of the snub. Note here that I am not saying I think he has built an outstanding “body of work” yet as President. Could we at least give him a little more than 100 days to do that though Arizona State? No matter one’s political ideology, I think that just being elected THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD should at the very least get ya a gold star in the “body of work” column. I just wonder sometimes about how far self-important people will go to feel, well important… fit done, now it’s your turn.

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