Zen and the art of Mommy-hood (a give away)

So I didn’t post at all this weekend.. Gasp! Could it be that my addiction to blogging is loosing it’s grip on me? Nah, I was just indulging in another of my all consuming addictions… laziness.

And I blame it all on Tom Bergeron!! At this point you are likely thinking one of the following things:

Who the heck is Tom Bergeron? (not to be confused with Tom Berenger.. though I did watch part Eddie and The Cruisers sticking to lazy theme this weekend, but I digress).

Wait isn’t Tom Bergeron that AFV/Dancing with the Stars host guy?

She finally did it, the Nuggets of Wisdom are now famous. After all she neglected her blog for, Tom Bergeron.

Who does she think she is fooling? Laziness was her muse LONG before this weekend and anything that had to do with Tom Bergeron!

All valid points I might add. Even if the “famous” one is naught but a saucy dream of mine. In actuality Tom Bergeron was both the inspiration and one of the activities of my weekend. I’m a BIG fan of Dancing with the Stars (DWTS). I often comment to The DH (since nobody else listens) on Mr. Bergeron’s sharp Wit and what I see as good sportsmanship. If you ever catch the show you’ll know what I mean. His co-host drives me crazy with her off the cuff gaffs and Tom just rolls with the punches. Though I now know it’s not the case, I’ve often said that Bergeron must feel like he’s the only intelligent life on that show. He always struck me as cool, smart and the kind of guy you’d like to hang out with. I could imagine tossing back a few whilst he told smart off-color jokes and cursed like a sailor (my kind of guy!). Yeah, I guess you could say I have a small-ish crush on him. Mind you not a Clooney or Depp type frothing at the mouth deal but a crush all the same.

When it came to mother’s day, knowing that I was out of reading material and reading “Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress” for about the 20th time (ending my nightly read by re-reading the personal inscription in it TO ME from the WAY cool author, Susan Jane Gillman.. have a mentioned her before? Ha Ha), The DH stepped up to the plate. On DWTS, Bergeron had plugged a book he’d recently written and The DH thought it would make a great gag gift. I say “gag” only because I’m just not the “inspirational” book type. I LOVE to think of myself as a literati but I think they may have pulled my card after hearing that I’ve read all 7 Harry Potter books (several times over) and, gulp, read all the Twilight books as well. I can almost hear the fellows at the “Jane” society snubbing me as I write this post! Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t put down this book, “I’m Hosting as Fast as I Can! Zen and the Art of Staying Sane in Hollywood” by Tom Bergeron!

Okay, so sanity is an issue for me. Hosting, well maybe if you consider being a stay-at-home mom, in-home childcare provider and blogger-extraordinaire a party of sorts. Just add in The Mad Hatter (or as Hillbilly Duhn said “Mad Nuggetier”) and you’ve got a Carolesque concoction of contradiction and comedy. (Whew that’s a mouthful!). I didn’t want to like this book as much as I do the author but despite myself… I DID!

And go figure it actually inspired me. How could it not, with these closing words of wisdom:

“Be.Here.NOW. Don’t forget to breathe. When all else fails, grab a clown nose… Never fall asleep in a tanning machine. Try not to pee in the tub.”

This book is chock full of enlightenment in the form of pop-culture references, inside scoop on show biz, the arts of mime and transcendental meditation. Tom’s story reminded me that in this crazy world, where things move too fast and we expect so much of ourselves that we must all take time to BE. HERE. NOW. I used to meditate all the time. It got me through boot camp, the first Persian Gulf war, being a continent away from my soul mate and EVEN drug free child birth! So this weekend was an exercise in being here, in breathing and taking it all in. And this book was the catalyst for it all and my renewed efforts to breathe or like the book quotes

“If you hold your breath, you lose it.”

I’d like to give one of my readers my copy of this book. No matter your literary taste I know you’ll love it. It really is a story not about Hollywood, fame or showbiz it’s about a man who has learned how to do it all and be a better human for having tried. All you need do to enter is leave a comment letting me know you’d like to give it a try AND that you’re willing to pass it on when you’re done. Return it to “The pool” so that it can move on to the next splash.

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