(in her best Southern Belle voice) I often rely on the kindness of Nuggetiers

Let me start by saying that EACH and EVERY one of you are equally golden, crispy on the outside and juicy where it counts! That said I have decided to make today’s, “Wordful Wednesday”, about a few of you. That and I’m wholly incapable of doing the “Wordless Wednesday” thing. I blame it on the disorder I’m afflicted with; VB better known as Verbal Diarrhea and not to be confused with any other disease who’s abbreviation starts with “V”.

I start the gushing with the DIVINE Mrs. Em over at Life, Liberty and the Pursuit. Sure she is SUPER funny and I’m beyond envious of her brainbuttedness (Dear Spelling Witch-with-a-B, I don’t want to hear it! This is MY blog therefore MY word, got it?!). But that isn’t why I’m assigning her full Chick-fil-a sauce status. What the heck is she rambling about, I hear you say? Well in my grand looniness I’ve concocted a rating system or awards “show” if I may for the Nuggetiers. I figure if Hollywood can give ITSELF 1,237 awards Bloggers are FAR more worthy. And since I have no real influence or fortune to speak of I thought I’d start my own Blogscar award. Okay so maybe that sounds a bit more like what’s left over after a C-section, but if you squint at the monitor and open your mind you can get the pun in it. Maybe I’ll have to design a golden statue sporting a “real” woman physique holding a Nugget in one hand and sauce in the other.. I’m just in the early stages of this ebil GENIUS plan so we’ll see what I come up with.. bwaaahaa haa haa.

Focus woman! Okay, now back to Em… The highest praise I can bestow upon a Nuggetier is Chick-fil-a sauce. That stuff is like Botox.. it might be 150 calories of toxic sludge you’re putting into your face but BOY does it make you feel good! How did Em earn this “honor”? If you’ve EVER caught her F.F.F.T of which she writes

“Friday’s Food for Thought” is just an excuse for me to shoot my mouth off on whatever hot button topic happens to be rattling around in my head. Please don’t click away mad if I touched a nerve. Call me out if you think I’m full of it. I always enjoy a respectful rebuttal. For F.F.F.T. only, I will post answers in the comment section in order to keep the dialogue open. Peace.

You get why she has reached the pinnacle of Blog Butt Kissing.. THAT and she sent me Godiva.. what that isn’t bribing the judges it’s just doing due diligence, ask Bernie Madoff… or maybe not. And as if that weren’t enough!!! Em is the first Nuggetier to earn herself an entry into EVERY giveaway here at The Nuggets of Wisdom for the REST of 2009! HOW DID SHE DO THAT?!! I hear you fuss at me. Em has a big heart to go with that big hunk o’ gray matter in her noggin. She gave a Visa gift card to the St. Joseph’s Indian School (read about it Here). THANKS EM! Oh you can still earn the same for YOURSELF and you don’t have to give scratch to do it. Go read the post to find out how or visit my “current bribes..” section up in the right hand corner.

The next “awardee” is the incredibly talented Joy over at Joy to The Blog. Not only is she my new most favoritestests Artiste… check this out!
She also happens to be a great wrapper…her shizzle its the fa fizzle!

But she don stop der my peeps.. (okay I’ll quite the urban lingo, I’m cooler anyway!).. She comments (kindly, another sure fire way to win votes..he he) on just about everything but my sneezing.. though I bet she’d do that too if she were a “real life” pal. I admire so much about Joy the person too. Her spirit and strength show in her art and I’m honored to have a piece of said immortality sitting on my fireplace mantle. Joy you too are a Chick-fil-A sauce!

And when I’m up for a little Spice in the sauce I go see my favorite Martian.. after all if her kids MIGHT be Martians what does that make her! I’ll confess that she is making this post not JUST for the hours of entrainment I get from her blog and her “private” emails.. but I want you all to read THIS POST.. it makes me feel less ashamed of the fact that I burned my nose on a car cigarette lighter! YES I DID DO THAT… but that’s another post…I think I’ll title that one “The joys of self deprecation”. Sissy, you are my Flamin’ Hot Buffalo sauce!

When I get all snooty, foodie, wine snobby.. I have me some smooth Tuscan Garlic Aoli sauce (which BTW can not be found at ANY national nugget pushing institutions, a faux paux I intend to demand satisfaction for!). And for that I go visit Rosie over at Vino Bodega. She “gets” the wino in me AND puts my snooty butt in it’s proper place!

And the last of the “awardees” for today goes to something/one “new” cuz I’m always up for something different… we’ll call this blogger the Best New Nuggetier and they get to name their OWN sauce, after all I’ve already tried the rest.. he he. So WELCOME to the The Main Lady Bug herself, officially a Nuggetier as of May 13th! And who BTW bribed me to get over to her blog with a giveaway that I WON.. see there is a theme here.. pay me
off and I’ll give you an award.. how very Hollywood of me, no?

So my whole blog-existence depends on the kindness of Nuggetiers who keep me entertained, make me burn with envy of their talent and brains and who pay me off! Thanks to ALL of ya.. If I could I’d give linky wub to each and everyone of you but then the kids would be roasting the cats for food and running around the back yard in lion cloths doing their best Lord of the Flies performance whist I blogged away. Could I get away with that?…nah probably not.

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