You can do it!! (ala Water Boy)

So today I’m totally brain dead! Yeah Yeah you’re SOOOO freakin’ funny, “how is that any different from any other day” hardy har har! Remind me why I heart you people again. Oh, yeah cuz YOU ROCK! Anyway quite a few of you have emailed me asking how I get products to hock on my blog. Well most times I just beg and promise my undying loyalty. Not really but that is a picture, huh? In actuality I work with a couple of Word Of Mouth (WOM) companies. I also find things I love (like Pursket, Corozonas and Mail4Kids) and just contact them directly. I make SURE to only work with companies and products I like and believe in. Karma can be a real witch (with a capital “B”) so I don’t mess with that. If I tell you about it here it has to be something I’d use, read, EAT or buy for my kids. I think that’s a good rule to blog by.

So today I’ve got some things to tell you about AND some ways for you to get started giving things way (like say to ME!) or reviewing them yourself so that we can all benefit from your vast knowledge and unsolicited opinions (after all that’s how I roll!).

First is for those of us mommy types who KNOW we are super sassy, chic and dare I say sexy despite the mom jeans, occasional peanut butter in our hair, and a vocabulary that resembles a Dr. Seuss book. The lovely and equally SASSY Kate Sargent is a mom-trapanure extraordinaire… and we’re reaping all the benefits (ala John Lovitz in The Wedding Singer… I’m sort of on an Adam Sandler kick today). Her company Sassy Smox

makes cute coquette-ish aprons, fanny panties, girls head bands I HEART and MUCH MORE… AND she is offering ALL Nuggetiers 10% off anything you order from her site through the end of May just use this Code “SASSYLOVE” at check out. I got my girls matching headbands. I’d LOVE to get the ruffled butt knickers but there are just some things you can’t pull off after four kids!

Would you like a shot at trying some great tasting water FREE and giving your readers, friends, family and that random guy on the street a try too? WELL MetroMint is just the thing you are looking for. They are currently searching for WOM bloggers to try their products and blog all about it. Go visit their site HERE.

And one the WOM companies I work with, and am having a GREAT time doing it is BZZ Agent. I’ve been with them for about 6 months and have worked my way up to a status level where I can join any campaign I’d like. Go check them out… AND hey how about I add a giveaway to this too? One of my Bzz campaigns is for John Freida’s new product Root Awakening Want to give it a try? I’m liking it so far. Leave a comment on what you’d like to see me review and or give away here at The Nuggets. The winner will get a FULL SIZED bottle of John Frieda Root Awakening shampoo and the conditioner too! I’ll keep this one open until Tuesday May 26th. Remember Monday here at The Nuggets is WINNER day in an effort to stave off Monday’s affinity for being LOUSY! This Monday I’ll announce the winner of the Tom Bergeron book.

I hope this answers some questions for those who asked and if you didn’t ask well “Whoooo CARES!” (ala Happy Gilmore).. I leave you with this
What girl doesn’t dig a guy who can “DO” the do and catch a fish with his butt too!

(note: I guess FeedBurner has had a brain fart and for some reason has dropped all but ONE of my readers. I contacted them.. AMAZINGLY they have no clue. SO if you want my feed you’ll have to sign up again.. SORRY!)

One thought on “You can do it!! (ala Water Boy)”

  1. I always thought that all the water taste the same. LOL. My whole life was a lie. That is why I like reading your blog. It is full of info and fun facts. I wish I could travel and enjoy like you 😀

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