Fit Pitchin’ Friday… 37, an homage

Oh 37, 37 I’d like to send you to that place SOUTH of heaven!

Back is spazzing,
Boobs are sagging,
Thoughts of coming
middle age are, nagging!

Gluteus you are far to maximus!

Derma, where went your ferma?!

Wrinkles, crevasses, nooks and crannies.. what is that? HAIR growing on my..FANNY?!

No cat calls, no whistles, no reason, no rhyme…
can’t I just get carded for beer,

Calorie intake,
make no mistake,
I gain 20 pounds at the mere thought of cake!

Good bye to the flat abs,
hello to my fat abs.
This is no small hiccup,
Can’t do one more sit up!
For after,
FOUR offspring…
they have no more back spring!

I sit…
I wait…
for even though 37,
ain’t great..
around the corner waits
THIRTY EIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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