One for the book… our winner is…

In my on going quest to convert Monday into a non-dirty-toe-nail sucking day, I’m here to announce the winner of the wonderfully fun and inspiring book “I’m Hosting as Fast as I can: Zen and the Art of Staying Sane in Hollywood” written by consummate host and truly talented guy Tom Bergeron. So what if today is a holiday and therefore already, doesn’t suck. I made a commitment (no that is NOT the same as BEING committed) and I’m sticking to it. That, and I’ve just got to do my best 13 year old girl scream… “I got an email from TOM!!!”

So what if The DH didn’t even sit up from his hot dog induced coma on the sofa to come read it! I’m stoked all the same. I’m feeling a Wayne’s World moment coming on

MOST EXCELLENT!! And just so I can gush even more this is what he wrote…


Many thanks! Somehow your e-mail ended up in my spam pile!! Glad I found it! However I’d read the blog because of a Google Alert e-mail which I receive every few days. I’d posted the blog on my FB page!

All the best,


At the risk of sounding cliche…OMG!! He is on FB & Googles 2, NW.. 2CWL! Okay that felt awkward. Perhaps I should stick back closer to my day. The Wayne’s World flash back, and toss up a Top Ten list of reasons you should hop over to Amazon and buy the book now!

10. You can envision Tom standing NEXT to Gilles Marini (aka Dante from the Sex in the City Movie) while you read. (Not that Tom isn’t cute enough we’ll just call this a two-fer)
9. You’ll get the answers to how he can co-host with Samantha Harris and still have hair on his scalp!
8. You’ll understand the pit falls of tanning beds. Rendering any need for advice from Paris Hilton, moot. Thus contributing to a decrease in her remaining 15 minutes.
7. Tom is a really funny guy.
6. Witt and Wisdom are things we can all use.
5. You can join in my summer book club. Tom’s book has made the list.
4. It has pictures, even though NONE of us super savvy literati chicks will admit it.. after reading to kids daily we all now prefer our books to have pictures!
3. You just might feel like YOUR life is less hectic.
2. Because I said so (I had to slip that one in there).
1. Because Rebecca over at My Crazy Life with 4 Kids won my copy and you didn’t.

Just so you know, I did NOT get this book free, it was NOT a solicited review, the FTC can NOT say a word about it, neener! I TRULY and honestly, and even much to my own surprise, enjoyed the book and know that many of you will too.

*ADDENDUM/RETRACTION* I took some shall we say, creative license, when I used the term “hot dog induced coma” to describe The DH’s apathy with regard to my super cool email. Having since read (shocker there) my post, he has taken extreme umbrage to my tongue and cheek characterization. I’d like to have it noted that there were no hot dogs involved until much later that day. And that said yummy triglyceride packed meat snacks were consumed in normal and not excessive amounts. And should any of you in any way doubt my devotion to, adoration and admiration of The DH, I refer you to the following post; DH

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