Is it contagious?

No I’m not talking about N1H1, or anything that your friend told you, you could get from a public restroom when you were in junior high school. I’ve been thinking about how reading a blog can change the course of your day. Yesterday I read about Beth’s (aka Manic Mother) son Ezra. Her story broke my heart and made me start searching for ways to help (post to come on that one). Then I read the ALWAYS hill-freakin-larious Pulsipher Predilection and LMBO. All I can say is bring the Thunder baby! And well then The DH kind of got ticked about my cheeky hot dog comment yesterday and I felt like a heel. So I was just wondering, do you think the mood of a post can be contagious? And if so.. can we just then institute a “don’t be a buzz kill” rule? Or would that be a violation of the first amendment? I read this from Fishful Thinking. Maybe we can figure out how to catch it.

On another note, I’ll soon be getting the Summer Book Club blog up. It will be an invitation only blog. If you’d like to participate let me know. I welcome suggestions for the reading list! And one more unrelated detour. I’m working with the simply sublime chicks at SITS to get sponsorship for the SITScation event. If you or anyone you know would like to get in on some GREAT deals on ad space give me a shout out. There are several options available.

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